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XBO Game Pass: Get It Already

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Get the game pass already!

Listen, we’re all still staying indoors a lot, (And that doesn't look like it's gonna change any time soon). Looking back at the good old days when we could all get together in person without worry or fear.

But with that self-quarantine or shelter in place comes extra time on the Old X-box. Your tried and true quarantine companion. Always there for you, just waiting for you pick up the controller.

And with downloadable games on the up take, you don’t really need a game store anymore. (Although I do miss them.) So why not get a huge selection of games immediately, and additional games every month, for $10.

C'mon son, you have $10! A new game will run you like $60 plus tax, an old game is $25(ish) So the value is immediately comprehended. But the real treat is having access to all these games makes you play games you might have never played otherwise.

Genres I’ve never heard of; and styles I wasn’t interested in. When something pops up I often download it, simply because I can. In doing this I’ve found a lot of very entertaining games because of it! Games like Path of Exile, Bad North, #IDARB, or Frost Punk. These are all games I would have never played without the game pass.

In addition to all this already perceivable value, when a new game drops on the game pass I get a text, “hey man, play (insert game name here) with us, it’s on the game pass” and BOOM! The squad is back together, hanging out on Xbox, leveling up our wizards, or building zombie proof fortresses! It’s a great product that has only seen it's value increased with this shelter in place.

So get the damn game pass already!

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