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Wizard World Comic Con, Bay Area Edition. Complete With It's Own Deadpool

Wizard World Deadpool

You know, Oakland isn't exactly synonymous with Comic Con. But it really should be. Wizard World Comic Con came to the Bay Area this weekend, and it was pretty damn fun. This year’s con hosted the cast of “Legends of Tomorrow” and "Charmed". And the panels at this particular con were pretty freaking awesome. From "how to script comics" to "how to be a critic". You know, what we do here. So there were those things and more. The saddest part about it was that not a lot of people showed up. And I'm not sure if that was because Momoa and Goldblum pulled out or because of poor promotion, or because of the obvious, it was held in Oakland. Which if that was the case, people need to stop. The venue is huge, there is a lot of space, and it's not hot or smelly. (We all know that nerd B.O, and if you don't, THEN YOU'RE THE GUY!) Anyway, it was a pleasure to be invited out, and to be able to take part in the panels that I did.

Back To The Future. . .

So in attendance this year was Claudia Wells. You may know her as Jennifer Parker from "Back To The Future". She is a genuine delight. She's one of those people who does this for the love of the fans and not to just make a buck. In her interview with Freaks And Geeks actor Samm Levine on Saturday, it was a fun time. And I stuck around for most of even though I usually just walk on by.

Questions we're fielded by Kato Kaelin, you know, yeah the guy who's an actor. But also the guys who was a witness in the O.J Simpson case. Like a real witness, not one on TV. And if I'm not mistaken, he's just out here living his best life. Even when it was slow on the floor, he gave off the energy of a packed event. THE WHOLE TIME. It was impressive. And even though he had a booth, charging for "selfies" with people, he appeared to be taking pictures with fans just for the hell of it. Every time I walked past his energy it just made me smile. So thanks Kato, I didn't wanna slow your role, so I never approached you. But thanks for bringing the noise and keeping Wizard World fun.

And Then There Was Tomorrow

Speaking of fun! Some of the "Legends Of Tomorrow" cast was there answering questions and what a treat. I mean would I have loved to see Aquaman and The Grandmaster? Absolutely, but what I enjoyed I believe equally as much was hearing Brandon Routh talk about his feelings on playing Superman. And having the opportunity to play him again with the upcoming "Crisis On Infinite Earths" crossover the CW is doing. If I was a better journalist, I'd have quotes and video, but a las, I am a fan first. So I pretty much just geeked out, star struck at how close some of my favorite actors and actress' were.

Creator of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld was also in attendance and this guy is a ball of energy. Another person who genuinely love the fans and enjoys meeting them. Though at times while watching him he could come off a bit callous, as I watched him talk to a kid while completely ignoring him at the same time. Now to be clear, this wasn't his defining attitude, but just something he should be more aware of with little children that are fans of his work. They might not understand that that text is important or that you've "gotta take this phone call". Fun fact though, I couldn't help but watch this interaction and think to myself: "that is so Deadpool of him".

All and all this was a great experience. Other smaller cons, would do well to learn a thing or several from Wizard World. (Talking to you Powerhouse) Because even though it wasn't packed it was still fun. They had video games for the gamers, a kids corner for the younglings, and a ton of shops, indie artists, and great inspiring panels.

I hope the turn-out doesn't sway vendors from returning or sway Wizard World from returning. I did hear some vendors complain about how they wanted their money back and how they were disappointed with the amount the crowd, or lack thereof. However, that shouldn't be a deterrent. This was a well done event that probably ran into some hiccups. And I can only believe that next year is going to be bigger and better than this one.

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