When Xbox Meets Browsers, Things Can Get A Little Cool!

During these turbulent times anything that can bring us joy is much appreciated and honestly helpful. So as I was scrolling the web this morning I came across a story from onmsft.com that was titled: "Microsofts's new Xbox extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge...", there was more to the title, but honestly that Was all I needed to see before I jumped right the F on it.

So you might be asking yourself: "Self, so does this bring the power on my console to my web browser Stadia style?" And I would say to you, calm down. Not exactly, but let me explain why it's dope.

The first and most important reason for me is Browser customization. Especially on Edge, where you are not currently able to place your own Background image on the news tabs page as you can with Chrome. This allows you to choose from a choice of pre-loaded themes They're not many now, but I imagine the options will grow. I went Gears 5 because DUH! Plus within the Gears 5 theme, you have 4 different background options and a brother loves choices. However, outside of that you can also choose from Xbox Game Pass, Battletoads (came is a close second choice for me), Bleeding Edge, Sea of Thieves, and a few more pretty cool options. And pending your load out of choice you'll stay up to date with the latest news and Game Pass quests through links that appear on the page news style. Now you do lose access to actually news on the tab which could be a bad thing depending on who you are, and with me it's honestly 50/50.


However, if you're into twitch or Mixer, you'll get to see a few options of people playing the game you can watch on their sub sequential platform. So while it doesn't let you personally stream games or broadcast. It keeps you closer to your favorite game and more informed. And adds a much needed level of customization to the Microsoft Edge browser. And so that we're clear, that's just the browser I use, but this extension also exists for Firrefox and of course Chrome. Just head on over to your extensions and search Xbox and it'll pop right up. Just make sure it's from Microsoft.

I also think it's worth noting that extension are not available on mobile devices. At least not for me, at least not for edge. So there is that.

So what do you think? Do you like the Xbox extension, or is it lacking in customization? Or would you have, like me, wanted to have seen it more integrated with the way your browser already works? Let us know in the comments below. Stay safe.

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