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What ARE Players Willing To Pay For?

I just got done reading an article on Titled "EA 'Doesn't Care What the Players Want, Only What Players Will Pay For". Now before I start this article I want to say that the title of this article is out the mouth of an ex-BioWare developer. I also want to say that this isn't a shot at the site or the writer, Stuart Thomas. This is merely a counter opinion on the point of Micro-Transactions, Open Worlds, and Multi-Player. So lets begin, shall we.

Game-Debate sited this interview that ex-developer Manveer Heir did with Waypoint Radio. It was in this interview that Heir dropped the hugest bombshell that gamers never knew. He stated that EA and big publishers in general, "only care about the highest return on investment. They don't actually care about what players want, they care about what players will pay for." NO...FUCKING...WAY!!!!! #MindBlown! First let me start by saying Heir's overall tone sounds super bitter. Secondly, DUH! Of course companies only care about investment returns. Why wouldn't they. As gamers we act like it doesn't take money to create games. I mean just look at Warframe. It started off pretty sub-par at best and got better over time as more and more people purchased "loot" allowing them the ability to make incremental changes. Now, maybe that's an over-simplification of what transpired, but I guarantee you the extra money helped. The other side of this coin is that Micro-Transactions are optional! You don't have to spend any money at all and just get rewarded through your in game play.

Now admittedly, Warframe is a small company and a special case. I'll also go on record as saying a lot of other developers could learn a lot from how they reward their players. When you look at game like W.o.W. People payed stone cold cash to OTHER people to mine in game currency. Fact is yes! If someone is willing to pay someone is going to sell. So why not the developer if it could possibly lead to better content. Now I never paid for anything like that, however, I played W.o.W for hours and hours and had the time of my life. One, because the game was fun and engaging and Two, because it allowed me to connect with friends.

Which brings me to my second point. NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY A SINGLE PLAYER GAME! Okay, that's an exaggeration. A lot of people love Single player games. Self included. However, if I could play that game with a friend...why wouldn't I want to? Multiplayer is how gaming memories are created and the best moments come from those you can share with a pal. Heir talks about this not only like EA created multiplayer for the purpose of gaining money, but as though EA wanting to go in a Multiplayer friendly direction is this big terrible thing. It's not, when Mass Effect introduced Multiplayer, my friend and I played that shit for hours. Never once spending our own cash to gain, but by playing and having something we were working towards. If EA wants to create a game and says: "hey, you can spend 5 dollars and get this really cool thing now, or you can fucking grind for 60 hours and earn it." Then it's up to me to decide what I want to do, however, I most likely gonna grind. With a friend; and earn that shit. Because that's how I roll!

Fact is MMO's are fun. ESPECIALLY when done right. We are in the age of Multiplayer because we are more connected than ever. Mario is doing it, Sonic is doing it, it's fucking happening. Time to get social, put your controller where your mouth is, and game on. Because the same people crying over a lack of single player modes are the same people crying over the lack of things to do once the game is beaten. I would have loved some kind of multiplayer after I beat FF7! What!? Companies are going to make their money. That's literally what they are made to do. And they're not going to please all the people all the time. I'm admittedly not happy with the state of Destiny because they decided to make it easier on casuals. Dirty, filthy casuals. UGH! I kid of course, that's not my true sentiment towards casual players, however, I don't think my hardcore want to grind experience be tainted to appeal to part-timers. But I digress. . .Micro-Transactions are going to happen. They should be optional with the choice to grind hard for the same item. Multiplayer is the future and MMOs make games WAY more successful. Just ask Grand Theft Auto. Heir just sounds like a kid who got pushed off the sea-saw and is now trying to convince us they suck. But that's just what I think. What about you?

(Link To The Original Article HERE)

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