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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Here's the thing. If Google can pull this off it will truly revolutionize how we game and possibly hit consoles where it hurts. The fan base. Just recently I've been commenting to people just how much more mobile gaming I do instead of console. Games like Epic 7, Marvel Battle Lines, Brawl Stars, and more have sucked up a lot of my attention. Reason being that I'm more out than I am at home and because I'm so invested in these games. Even when I'm home I'd rather be playing them. However, what if I could play Destiny 2 on the go? The Division 2, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Tomb Raider? Would I be more inclined to play? I think the answer for all of us is "Hell Yes!" And with Google Stadia, google is allowing the opportunity to do just that.

Google isn't just looking to be the Netflix of gaming, as we all thought they were. No, and what we should have known is, google is looking to be way more ambitious. Essentially turning every device you own, into a console. Allowing you NOT ONLY to opt in for the subscription package, but instead as an alternative, allowing to to purchase games out right. This is a model that is sure to entice gamers as it's already gotten me to pre-order the Founders Edition pack.

Also the pricing is fair. Stadia, announced in March, is charging a mere 10 dollars a month to let you play games with no console or even a computer. For this price you get "regular content", 4k, HDR, 60 FPS gaming. Wanna do all this on your 60" TV? Just pop a Chromecast into it and access your games via "the cloud". Easy as that. Oh and that Founders Edition I was talking about earlier, comes with a 3 month subscription for you and a friend. A special edition controller, a Chromecast Device, and a little (now indie) title called Destiny 2 and ALL of it's content. Including the content to come. Soooooo, yeah. It's pretty amazing.

In addition to the pricing, games, and deals. Google also detailed how your Stadia Resolution will work in relation to your internet connection:

Now that's not too bad. I personally don't have too many 4k devices so no love lost there. However, if I'm getting console quality graphics at 60 FPS! Then I'm a damn happy boy! A damn happy one.

Look I don't think this is going to put consoles out of business, but Google is definitely showing that they're a contender. Triple A titles like Destiny 2 and The Division 2 is a good start. They definitely look like they're going to launch with a lot of games, and I believe this was a major concern for a lot of fans. I'm happy to be a part of the begging of Stadia and I hope google continues to take this seriously. In the mean time board the hype train and check out the sizzle reel below and leave your thoughts in the comments section below that:

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