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The official trailer is here! And it's pretty interesting. Not for the reasons that people might think though. Yes we get to see venom live and in the...well I guess on the flesh. In fact we get a lot of Venom, however. I never for a second doubted that we'd get Venom in a freaking Venom movie. And the Venom we get is pretty spot on to how he should look. So good job Sony. You can make a character look how it's supposed to. However, the interesting part of this trailer is actually Hardy's portrayal of Eddie Brock. A little geeky, slightly mousy, and as venom takes over, a little unhinged. This version of Eddie Brock looks to be like a very intriguing version. I'd truly have to say I'm hopeful, and I really didn't want to be. Tom Hardy picks his roles carefully and truly commits to them once in them. I think as fans of the comics we might want to go into this forgetting everything we know about Venom. However, I do think you all should be extremely excited. Check out the full trailer below and let us know in the comments what you think!

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