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Watchmen Episode 6 Review: Just Damn...

Watchmen: Hooded Justice

“You need to hide under that hood because you can’t stand to see what you’ve become.” Just damn! Sunday's episode of Watchmen gave me all of the feels. Like deep sadness, fear, anger, and from a fan stand point, pure angst of what was going to happen next. This episode took us back to the past, right around the time Will Reeves first became an officer on the streets of New York. During this time we learn a great deal about his character, a secret organization he was "investigating" called "The Cyclops", and more revelations about his identity. What Lindelof does here with a little under an hour, most large budget movies can't do in 3.

The episode picks up right after Angela swallowed a bottle of Nostalgia. Nostalgia, for those of you that might have missed it, are memory pills. Kind of like a psychedelic, but just heightened to fictional proportions. These pills contained the memories of her grandfather Will Reeves. And so unfolded the biggest bombshells, revelations, strongest moments of the show thus far.

One thing I loved about what this episode opted to do was have the entire flash back playing out in black and white. What was even more artistic, was it started in color, splashed a little color throughout, and ended in color. I really got the sense that Angela (Regina King) was trying to fight what was happening to her, but just couldn't break the hold the drugs had on her.

During her trip down memory lane we learn more about her grandfather, a younger William Reeves played by Jovan Adepo (When They See Us and Fences). We learn that after the events of Tulsa he became a cop that didn't have the best of circumstances. And this is kind of where those feels kick in. There's this one scene where his fellow officers beat and bind him. Take him out to a tree. And hang him just long enough to "get the message". That as a black officer, he should "stay out of white business". Now all of this plays into a larger scheme of the episode, but by and large as a person of color seeing this. You just feel angry. A reminder that sh*t like that used to happen, can happen, and DOES IN FACT STILL HAPPEN is frustrating and honestly scarry. And what Lindelof does here really captures that pain and fear. Pain, fear, and most prominently anger that Adepo does such a great job getting across.

A really cool thing the opted to do in this episode, outside of letting it playout in black and white. Was there are points in the flash back where William Reeves is played by Regina King. And they aren't long moments as not to make the whole thing feel stale. But just enough to remind us that this is all in Angela's head. She's reliving another person's life. And she is still in there. Almost as if to remind us not to get lost in this memory as much as she appeared to be. Just brilliant. Because also in doing this, it somewhat turns Angela into a kind of audience member who’s watching this with us. And in doing so, especially with the emotions and feeling the episode evokes. You really do feel like you're on the memory trip with her, as her, as Will Reeves.

This episode also gives us the origin of Hooded Justice. The introduction of Captain Metropolis, as well as the Minute Men. And it all comes together nicely and leads us RIGHT back to episode 1 and what really took place underneath that tree the Captain was hung from. I mean what!? Who's brain works like this? OH I KNOW WHO. Only the creator of Lost! No big deal!

By the end of the episode we really start to understand what's going on here. This is the part where I say I have some questions, and with only 3 Episodes left. This is around the time one might start getting worried. But I'm going to let these 3 episodes toss me in the air. And I'll see where I land at the end of it all. All I'll say now is from here on out we're on a roller coaster and if you're not on the ride by now, you're truly missing out on a great experience.

Did you see Episode 6 of Watchmen yet? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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