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Watchmen Episode 5 Review: Well Damn, Was It As Good For You As It Was For Me?

This show is nothing short of amazing. Seriously, it is rare that we get a show with such consistency and greatness. I mean just look at The Mandalorian, it is struggling to resonate with true Star Wars fans and is slow to get off the ground. However, Watchmen hit the ground running and hasn't really slowed yet. This week’s episode is all about the origin story of Looking Glass, whose had a pretty rough go since the Squid.

It was pretty nice to get more insight into the mind of Looking Glass and to kinda see how he developed his persona. And Lindelof has done a great job, yet again, pulling it all together. From the who, to the why, and the what's and hows. The reason why Wade (Tim Blake Nelson) wears the mask was subtle at first but it quickly became loud and understandable.

Unlike other episodes, this one feels as if it spends the whole hour on Looking Glass and it works. I never felt like I was confused as to what and why. And this is in part due to the fact that we're presented with a complete understanding of a man suffering through a lifetime of trauma and fear. And what's more is that it all ties into the overall arch of the story. It never takes us away from the story at hand which is pretty impressive.

That out of the way, we learn some big details about what the Senator is up to and his role in all of this. And another thing I love about this show is that you can have an idea about what you think is what, and the show will turn it all on its head and kick you square between the legs. Especially the what's happenings with Veidt.

In fact Veidt is used so well in this episode I'm amazed. Like, a video of young Veidt, explaining his squid hoax to President Redford does it's part to fill in the massive gaps for people who haven't read the comics. I mean it was just pure excellence for the show to present this moment within the context of Wade Tillman’s story. Freaking genius!

Five episodes into this story, and as I stated already, it remains freaking spectacular. Every episode seems to deliver a clear and to the point theme that has a solid story to showcase just how important it is. Another thing done well is that each episode truly sets up the next, and the way this episode ends definitely has me excited for next week.

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