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Watchmen Episode 4 Review: The One About Babies...

After 3 episodes of great and total awesome episode 4 brought things to a snail's pace. Full of easter eggs and humorous moments, episode 4 didn't offer much to the side of action or anticipation. Which is fine, not every episode can knock it out of the park. And honestly, it’s nice to see the series focus of some of its various mysteries.

This episode introduces us to a new character, and trillionaire named Lady Treu. And she is an interesting one. And her introduction could be more cold blooded. Played by Hong Chau, Lady Treu is smart, calculating, and ruthless. And these traits are really nailed through by the actress. For example she threatened to destroy a baby if a contract wasn't signed in 30 seconds. Now it's hard to tell if she was joking or not, but it was a great moment in the episode that really showcased the personality of this character.

Outside of this moment and the end, which I will get to shortly. The episode was really slow. There were a lot of revelations revealed and a few secrets uncovered, but not a lot of things that really made your heart race. And I think part of that slowdown is due to the fact that the past 3 episodes focused on individual characters. And episode 4 gives everyone their screen time. Now this isn't bad and it's not done poorly, it was merely a change of pace I wasn't expecting. We find out that Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson) is an interdimensional conspiracy theorist, Veidt (Jeremy Irons) is harvesting babies from a lake that becomes the clones of the butlers he's been killing. Angela (Regina King) discovers more about her estranged family. And more information is revealed about Laurie (Jean Smart) for those that might not have read the original Watchmen.

And it's all great, and done really well. It’s super fun to see Angela and Laurie interact. A current hero vs an ex-hero. There’s definitely a unique kinship forming between the two of them based on this connection. It’s thrilling to watch unfold. And well worth the watch.

Also worth the watch is trying to figure out what exactly is going on with Veidt? Him and he creepy clone babies. And babies and eggs were the biggest sub plot of this whole episode. Beginning to end. Which leads me to speculate some things about Treu and her origin. Being that she is from Vietnam and has a daughter with nightmares that sounds like memories from the vietnam war from the comics.

That said there is this moment in the show where a character they dubbed "Lube Man" appears. He's watching Lady Knight do something a bit shady and while running from her he covers himself in some kind of slippery liquid and slides through a street drain. It was freaking priceless. Personally, I think it was Blakes co-worker Petey. As he has showcased the desire to wear a mask...but only time will tell. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

And that brings me to the end. And you know how I love to avoid spoilers. But again you can see how much Lindelof loves Watchmen if not just comics because this ending is the rush that I personally was missing and draws you right back in, making your hairs stand up. And it forces you to reevaluate everything we think we know about a certain character. Just awesome!

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