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Watchmen Episode 3 Review: And Then They Blew Up A Dead Man In A Coffin

If I had my doubts about HBO's newest series Watchmen, I wouldn't after watching this episode. Titled "She Was Killed By Space Junk" is the ultimate name dropper episode. As well as the official nail in the coffin that, "oh yeah, you're watching a Watchmen series and you should be fucking excited." This episode doesn't just introduce us to Laurie Blake, aka Silk Spectre, aka daughter of the Comedian. But sets it self up as an elaborate joke with a huge payoff at the end.

The show introduces us, this episode, to Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) And in case you aren't getting the first joke. The character has fully embraced her father’s last name and is, herself, telling a joke throughout the narrative of the episode. We also discover that she's made some massive career changes that when you really think about it, knowing her back story makes sense. And if you don't know it, the show does a good job of fleshing out her story just enough to give you an idea of what she's about. Also, you're gonna want to stick around to see what's in the suitcase. Makes me wonder if it was the same for the Pulp Fiction one.

And this episode revolves largely around Laurie. Her connection with Doctor Manhattan, her distaste for caped crusaders, her past. It all shines bright in this episode. And Smart's performance of this saddened and bitter character is well played. Smart really conveys the deep loneliness of the character, all while showcasing the character's ability to be a badass. With her introduction the show swiftly switched gears from a superhero drama to a superhero Law & Order and I love it. As with each episode so far the show does just enough to remind you of what it is, without doing so much that you forget that it's set in a sense of reality.

This episode also introduces us to agent Dale Petey (Dustin Ingram). And he serves as walking exposition done in a way that makes sense. He's a history buff and details things to us, the viewer that otherwise had no answers or context up until this point. Like the fact that Dan Dreiberg aka Nite Owl is in prison. Or the fact that Rorschach’s journal was indeed published. Or that Adrian Veidt is still alive, though the show, till this point wanted us to believe that he was dead. Wanting us to speculate about the mad man killing clones in a remote location.

Speaking of whom. We finally get some mind blowing truths about said "mad man". About where he is, what he's doing, and why he's doing it. Jeremy Irons is just magnificent in this role. And even though all I hear is Scar, it makes the portrayal all the performance all the more delightful. His big reveal, is an ode to fans and I for one can't be more appreciative.

This episode followed the pace of the first, making my heart rush with anticipation every scene. Proving that Lindelof knows exactly how to capture those page turning moments and translate them into motion. Something that we can see unfold as well as feel when it does. This episode is about recapturing the past and preparing us for what's to come. We've got our main cast of heroes and I believe the show is about to get real. The show so fas has captivated and enthralled us in its world . Whether you were an old fan or new. And I know with Lindelof behind the wheel, after this third episode that it's prepared to take us to brave new heights.

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