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Venom Review: The Best Of The Worst

I want to start by saying...I'm late to this party. Because, well life. That being said, I want to say this. One shouldn't be reviewing comic book movies if they don't read the comic. If one has no understanding of the character, then you probably shouldn't be speaking on it. Now, should the movie do better as a stand alone feature? Should it explain more for those just individuals that are just learning who or what Venom is? Well yes, but this movie is nowhere the hot cluster-fuck of a movie many sites are making it out be. Venom is the best of a bad situation with a few good laughs, a great climax fight, and the best introduction to a character, as rushed as it might be. It's far from perfect, but no where near the mess that other sites might have you believe.

So let us start with the basics, Tom Hardy excels in the role of Eddie Brock, an investigative journalist for some no name company in San Francisco. Or at least a name I don't remember hearing or seeing. Anyway, after you get to know the character and the layers of his life. He is assigned a do-nothing piece on the head of The Life Foundation. You know the type of organization that calls themselves "The Life Foundation", but is all about murder, murder, murder. Kill, kill, kill. Anyway, he's supposed to do this puff piece on a Dr. Carlton Drake played by Riz Ahmed, a guy who no matter how hard he tried just couldn't come off as the "the bad guy". More like a guy really bad at trying to be bad. Well, Eddie rubs this guy the wrong way, and he (Carlton Drake) ruins Eddie's life, taking everything from him. Including fiance Anne Weying played by Michelle Williams. And that's well, where our story begins.


It doesn't take long before the Venom movie starts to actually Venom. And I think that's where part of the problem lies. They move so fast through the pivot of Eddie's life that you have a hard time feeling bad for him. His fiance leaves him immediately, and I mean yeah, his actions inadvertently got her fired from her firm, but who doesn't make mistakes. Your force fed this "feel sorry for the main character" stuff and it doesn't feel natural. For a nerd like me, I wanted the movie to Venom faster, but for others, it be to much of a neck snapping pace. That said, when he does Venom, it gives Eddie superhuman strength, healing powers, and keeps him safe. The only problem is, the symbiote is also, eating Eddie's insides. Another fact that was thrown at us, glossed over, and moved on from.

See I find that the real issue with the movie is the script. It's not good. The story isn't compelling. The plots are rushed. The time-lapse is never explained and writers Jeff Pinkner, Scott Rosenberg, and Kelly Marcel simply have NO idea what their doing. I mean so that we're clear, the "plot", is based around disgraced reporter Eddie Brock, doing some on the side digging into a situation that ends up with him getting him exposed to a "parasite" that, as it turns out, he just so happens to be the perfect host. Which might I add was an unnecessary addition to the story as there is no such requirement in the comics. But yeah, all that culminates in this battle that takes place because this other symbiote traveled the world to get to Drake, so that it could go back to space. Get the rest of it's kind, and come back to eat humankind. I mean, WHAT!? SO I get it, the story it meh. Okay, less than meh. However it's got some great action, a beautiful 3rd act fight, and best of all Tom Hardy.


Fact is the best thing about this movie is Tom Hardy and it's worth it alone to go see his performance because he does an incredible job with a terrible script. Instead of making Eddie Brock a muscle head, and bully. Hardy, decided to go a more quirky route. Making the character of Eddie Brock his. More timid, less confident, broken yet alert. It truly is an amazing performance. What's more is he also did the voice-over work for Venom which really brings the character together, because he truly is talking to his self. Let me be clear, if you're not entertained by Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. You might have something seriously wrong with you. Like a parasite...eating your insides or something.

But I digress, the dialogue is a bit on the clunky side. There is little to no chemistry between characters. And the plot is a rushed and stuttered circus. However, the thing about a circus is that with the proper ringleader, it's entertaining. And with Ruben Fleischer as director (Zombieland, Gangsterland, and more) and Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock you find yourself trust into a good time. It's one of those things is you don't think to hard about it and just jump. You'd be surprised at just how exhilarating it could be.

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