Udyr Is King: Riven/Braum Support The Beast Master

Updated: Mar 10

In The Beginning...

When Udyr was first announced I was beyond hyped for the possibility of playing him and what he could accomplish in LoR. Unfortunately, the community didn't have the same enthusiasm and he was written off as a trash tier deck. Flash forward to today – I've not only built what actually may be the best Udyr design to date, but I've also been destroying Plat with it...and would probably be in Diamond by now if I'd stop building other decks. So let's talk about it.

A Curious Journey really gave us a lot of great Gnars, I mean cards. Sorry. Some people will go on and on about the Versatility of Gnar. Others might sell you on the access to a couple of OP new tools for combo decks like Papercraft Dragon, Quick Quill, or Rainbow Fish (BARF!). However, what I'm here to show you are not only some seriously sick burn combos but how Udyr, Riven, and Braum just get there!

Udyr hasn't really found a home yet because people aren't trying to make the card work. They'd rather just have him buffed to OP levels and then complain Riot went to far. Yeah, looking at you community to wanted Lee Sin buff but then bitched 4 Mana was too cheap! However there have been some attempts to pair him with Swain. While others have gone down the Scargrounds Vladimir hole. As you can see, all Noxus, All The Time! However, Riven/Udyr/Braum is simply the best attempt to make use Stances – synergizing with Fragments and the Poros Braum wants to make. If only 1.

Initially, this deck was built with Aurok Glinthorn, which is still a really sick card for this build, but what I found during building and playing is that it just doesn't work for my play style. Thus, I opted to put in some 3 Sisters and Runeweavers to help stabilize when we need to and get more Blade Fragments into my hand.

Let's Run It...

Riven/Udyr/Braum isnt so much a combo deck as it is a Midrange Overwhelm powerhouse that relies on either Fragments or Stances to set up powerful attacks and close out the games.

Early on you’ll want to look for your Omen Hawks, Blade Squires, or Bone Scryers. In addition to finding your Vulpine Wanderers to have Stances or Fragments at the ready. All these cards are not only great for chumping, but they act as your damage accelerator, allowing you to play Udyr leveled turn 5 or 6. This comes in handy when playing you have Stances in hand and are looking to end the game on that turn.

So what are the Fragment targets? As well as your Blade of the Exile? Udyr is perfect for BoE as granting him +2/Overwhelm/and Quick Attack is everything Udyr wants. Udyr is absolutely a win condition that gets more value the more Stances you're able to use.

However, Braum presents an constant threat thanks to Omen Hawk or Bear Stance and the +2/+2 it grants, which will allow you to start picking off chumps or pull thick blockers to the side.

A flipped Riven can also push an incredible amount of damage if unchecked. You gain +2 with Glinting Blade Fragments and + 4 Atk from BoE because of her level effect of doubling the first time you increase her Power. That 10 damage with Quick Attack and Overwhelm. Imperial Demolitionist, Tusk Speaker, and Noxian Fervor are all fantastic ways to push extra damage, 2 without even having to attack.

Fallen Reckoner, Three Sisters (Fury of the North), and Transfusion are all sick cards to help squeeze the additional damage you need to close out the game. Reckoner eliminates a potential Blocker. Transfusion using Scryer pushes 1 extra damage or off Braum gets you a burst speed 3/3 w/ overwhelm. When all of these pieces are used properly, the deck is a forced to be RECKONED with! Puns!

When it comes to keeping Value Units alive, Three Sisters (Flash Freeze), Boar Stance , and Whirling Death are all great defense spells to help protect our units or push more damage.

In The End

If you’re looking for the Best Udyr deck that is a Powerful Mid-Range and semi combo-oriented archetype – this is the deck for you! As stated in the beginning I’ve played it a lot and have an over 70% WR run on the competitive ladder and I misplay. A lot! Against people playing Meta decks. This deck I've called Frozen Forge holds its own. And dominates the enemy Nexus.

If you end up facing Bandle City decks that run swarm (Tree or YiA), you’ll need to focus your win conditions on Overwhelm and Burn – a strategy capable of burning down the Nexus as Bandle has no healing.

However, Elusive focused strategies are most likely the biggest threat you’ll meet as we have very few ways to answer pumped up over the head units.

If you’d rather play the Aurok Glinthorn version which focuses on Ram Stance to ping the enemy board and attack with AoE stun. It sets up for pretty sexy ass dubs!, I hope you give the list a run and let me know if it's worked out for you.


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