Trav B Ryan Channels The Mandalorian In His Newest Upcoming "If. . .Was A Rapper".

So have you seen a little show called The Mandalorian? Its done by a tiny company called LucasFilms in collaboration with Disney. And lets be real. If you're reading this, OF COURSE YOU HAVE! And if you haven't, SPOILER ALERT! Go watch it and come back, because Trav B Ryan is a fan of the show and he's got a little something something coming February 25th. If you haven't heard of Trav B Ryan, check out our past interview with him. However, the cliff notes version is Trav B. does hip hop tracks from the perspective of fictional characters the likes of Wolverine, Batman, or Blade:



As you can hear fro the above track that he not only embodies the the character with his lyrics, but in emotion as well. You really get the sense that he puts himself in the shoes of the character. That said, we got a chance to catch up with Trav B to talk a little shop about his Mandalorian themed track track "No Home" and The Mandalorian show it self.

G.U: Always a pleasure to have Trav B Ryan on the site and even more so with new music for our ears. So we can clearly see you're digging the Mandalorian. So we have our answer on that question, but when did you realize you had to drop a Mando track? Or was it just inevitable?

T.B.R: I realized it after the first episode. I connected with Mando because he left everything he knew and lived under to do the right thing. It was what was right for him. I always believed that if you want to live a free great life, you gotta let go of what you know and follow how you feel.

G.U: So true, and that's something that's always hard for all of us. Especially since feelings often lead to the unknown. So I know you do tracks from the perspective of the character. Where is Mando coming from on this track?

T.B.R: Mando is coming from a crossroad point in his life. Choosing between the code of the guild and saving an innocent child’s life. So he is kind of in conflict with his rules and his morals.

G.U: So what made you go with the title "No Home"?

T.B.R: The song is all about breaking off and doing your own thing. Not really having a home because you are figuring out what you want and what you believe in.

G.U: So what episode would you say your track is tied to since we clearly know what road Mando took

T.B.R: Definitely Chapter 3: The Sin

G.U: Easily one of the better episodes. What were some of your favorites?

T.B.R: I loved Chapter 5 and 6. It really showed off the western style of the show. A theme I really loved.

G.U: What was your least favorite?

T.B.R: My least favorite was Chapter 4 Sanctuary. It was decent but it didn’t have a lot of “umph” that was in the other episodes.

G.U: Right! I definitely agree. How did you feel about that ending?

T.B.R: Perfect ending. I feel if you put the whole series together it can play as a complete movie and that ending is a perfect set up for a sequel. I’m mad IG-11 died but he went out like a G.

G.U: Definitely a fan Favorite next to Mr. "I have Spoken" Kuill. So what do you hope to spark in people listening to this upcoming track?

T.B.R: I hope to spark more interest in the show. I feel like geek culture is expanding into pop culture and I want to be one of the tools to accelerate that. I also feel like on a deeper level this song stands for someone leaving their broken past and choosing a new, better way of life. They control their destiny now, I want people to feel that and believe that.

G.U: How did you go about finding a beat that meshes well with not only the vibe of the track but with the show as well.

T.B.R: I always had an ear for picking beats. I know what mood I want and I picked up on the mood of the show rather quickly. I wanted to go for a distant, sad vibe but also a futuristic mood as well. It executed perfectly.

G.U: So can we expect a Baby Yoda track any time soon?

T.B.R: A Baby Yoda track should definitely happen and if it does happen I’m the guy to do it. Lets just put it that way.

G.U: Excellent man. Well we look forward to hearing the track. When and where will it be available?

T.B.R: The Mandalorian inspired “No Home” is dropping Feb 25th on Spotify and every other streaming service.

G.U: Excellent brother. I can't wait to hear it. And thanks for reaching out.

If you've never had a chance to listen to any of his tracks before now, I highly recommend that you check out his youtube page. And I would definitely suggest that if you are a fan of Hip Hop, Nerd Culture, The Mandalorian, or multiple of the above. You hit play on the track when you can, because it's damn epic! It's the perfect combination of melodic and rap. It's the kind of track I could see the radio playing 3 times in a row.

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