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E3 2018: Top 10 Unhinged Moments!

E3 2018 is done...for a while now. Truth be told, I'm super late getting this article up. However, you know what they say: "better late than never". Now I wasn't boots on the ground at E3. I watched from my couch or office computer. Tons of youtube and hearing from the people who were hands on. All I can reflect on is what I know...and to be honest. It's all pretty damn cool. So sit back, relax, and strap in for Geek Unhinged's top 10 awesome reveals of E3 2018!

10: Bethesda Conference

Bethesda really brought the heat this year...but honestly. I think they are pretty consistent with that E3 fire. However, this year was twice as toasty as they announced Doom Eternal, Rage 2, and Fallout 76 just to name a few. Their presentation had 0 Cringe, solid humor, and great games. Not to mention they announced games for Switch, games for V.R, and Wolfenstein Youngblood. Oh and did I mention "f*ck Nazis"? Because yeah, F#ck Em! During the Fallout 76 reveal, Todd Howard is the King of crowd control, hype, and great E3 presentation. If you're giving a presentation and you need a point of reference on how to present like a boss. Google Todd Howard.

9: Smash Brothers Ultimate

I mean it was long and drawn out, but overall, if you're a Smash definitely lost your mind for this one. Over 60 characters from over 30 game I.Ps. 2 brand new characters Inkling & Ridley. 8 player battle, new costumes, new stages...just wow. I don't own a switch, but this is definitely a game changer and makes me consider getting one come December.

8: Halo: Infinite

It might have been small, but it was beautiful. The slow build, the head scratching moment of "what is this game", then boom! The Rings, The Helmet, The Halo! I can't wait to see what they're planning with this one. So many open world titles are being launched so it would be interesting to see if that is the direction 343 opts to go. As Microsoft also showcased, Infinite will employ the new Slipspace Engine, which was created by 343 Industries specifically for Halo. The word is, 343 acknowledges that they made a mistake not keeping Halo 5 centered around the Chief. So,'ll be interesting to see how Infinite plays out. All and all, it was a spectacular way for Microsoft to start their presentation.

7: Fallout 76

Like I said Bethesda knows how to throw a presentation. When they dropped the teaser for 76 the internet was all a flutter. Then enter E3, where we got even more of a tease at the Microsoft briefing. However, the icing on the cake was the was when they gave us full details. Fallout 76 is an open world survival game that is just awesome. They announced, monsters, nukes, mutations that give you special abilities. They also announced that Fallout 76's open world will be 4x's the size of Fallout 4's. And if I'm being honest, the game looks great. It definitely looks like my style of game. A game where you can team up with other players that appear in the open world, or battle them to the death for loot. Games like these, done to this scale, are hard to come by. This entire reveal was made even more epic by Todd Howard because of his wit and humor. I know we've already stated it above, but he really wrapped up the Bethesda presentation with a neat little bow. 76 being online only might dissuade some players, but it shouldn't. Because if it's one thing Bethesda has proven, it's that they know how to online.

6: Death Stranding

Truth be told I am zero a Sony fan. I admit that every E3 they usually steal the show and have some of the more interesting looking games. And Death Stranding is one of those games. This E3 we got even more Death Stranding and it was epic. The thing about this game is that it's so enigmatic that it's polarizing. For those who might not know though, Death Stranding is the debut game from Kojima Productions. A new studio staffed with members of the former Metal Gear Solid development team. If you've not been up to speed with Death Stranding, I highly recommend you look into it.

5: The Division 2

If you've followed this site since it's incarnation, then you know how much favor The Division carries with me. It's a game that saw it self evolve and become better throughout it's development with the people who represent game listening to what fans wanted, Well now, set in the new backdrop of Washington D.C, we have The Division 2. I knew this reveal was coming, but I didn't expect it to be so glorious. What they showed us at E3 not only left me with a feeling of promise, but with an appreciation of the developers as they appear to have heard us loud and clear. "DON'T FIX WHAT'S ALREADY BEEN FIXED." A.I looks well improved and with new combat skills to tinker and gear to collect. The Division 2 is looking to be way better than it's predecessor was at launch. My only question is can you port your existing character.

4: Cyberpunk 2077

What a surprise gem this was. From the developers of The Witcher, we have Cyberpunk 2077. A sci fi, futuristic, FPS, RPG!!! We still don't have many details on this game yet except, you can create your own character. The world is the largest CD Projekt Red has ever attempted. You can get around via vehicles. You have different tech enhanced abilities; and that's about it. Fact is, no one expected to see this trailer, but it's the one we all wanted. So having it dropped the way Microsoft did it was simply Glorious!

3: Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming to XBox One

As we move into the top 3 things get tight. When I saw Kingdom Hearts 3 was coming to the Box! I damn near flipped the couch through the wall. As a Final Fantasy fan, a Kingdom Hearts fan, AND a Disney fan...I've always wanted to play this I.P. Alas I never had a Playstation so I never had a chance to play. I had given up hope of ever being able to play these titles and then Microsoft dropped the bomb. This game looks like the largest in the series, packed to the brim with characters. Returning and new. I hope that off the back of this announcement we get a 1 & 2 bundle so I can be up to speed.

2: Anthem

So this should have been my number 1 pick of E3, but as you can clearly see it was now. However, EA Play ended their presentation with Anthem and it was awesome. First of all that trailer was probably one of the cooler trailers I've seen in a while. Just due to the sheer fact that the music was awesome and in line with everything that was happening on the screen. Also EA knocked it out of the park with the announcement of no Loot Boxes, card packs, or loot bags that players can use to get an edge in the game. All things bought are merely cosmetic. The also showed a bit of gameplay and yes. Flight is an actual gameplay mechanic that will change the way you FPS. I have a feeling that like in much the way Fortnite change the "DLC" landscape, Anthem will make a significant change to how other developers build their FPS RPGs. (Looking at you Destiny)

1: Destiny 2 Story Reveal

In my humble unhinged opinion...this was the reveal of show. Now I know this opinion is entirely based on if you play Destiny or not. However, if you have, do, or will. Seeing a beaten Cayde, shot and killed with his own gun, betrayed by Uldren elicited emotion in you. Excitement, shock, sadness, confusion, rage, or even "more disappointment". It made you feel, and that's what a reveal should do. It's in the firm belief of the community that this is what Bungie needed to do reignite passion for the game and make it fresh. I also think this was a huge spoiler reveal to let the competitors of E3 kill the buzz generated from the Forsaken reveal. All of these factors mixed in with my love of the game is why Destiny 2: Forsaken, out September 4 2018 is my number 1 pick for Best In Show at E3.

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