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The Wrath Of Netflix...The Rise Of Disney.

So it should be as no surprise to anyone that Iron Fist was canceled by Netflix as of recent. So currently, there is no 3rd season coming to Netflix. However, what did come as a shock that Luke Cage was also not only canceled, but that the new came about while they were in the middle of shooting the third season. So what does this all mean for the future of Marvel on Netflix? What does it mean for the remaining titles left? Jessica Jones, Daredevil, The Punisher. Also what kind of effect, if any will this have on The Runaways and/or Cloak & Dagger? Well I have a theory on what’s happening here and it may have something to do with Disney’s future streaming service.

I’m gonna keep it 100 here. Iron Fist sucked, but it was reviewed as a far superior second season over the first. I’ve stated in the past on social media that the show had nowhere to go but up. However, it’s cancellation did come as a shock to many. I speculate, as well as many others that there are some behind the scenes scheming happening that will allow for Luke and Iron to head on over to Disney’s future streaming service.


Let’s keep it even more 100. The main demographic of people that are going to be subscribing to the service are Marvel fans. I know that my first inclination was that I wouldn’t be joining, but if I can catch a free Marvel movie on the stream. That I know will always be there. Then why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? It makes purchasing DVDs more of a collectors item than a must have for fans. However, let’s look at the facts. They have already started planning shows about Loki and the Scarlet Witch. They are constantly talking about Captain Marvel being the first movie to be exclusive to the streaming service. And they are also banking on the Star Wars community to get behind the service as they release, yet unnamed, original Star Wars content.

This is all about business. Disney claimed they wouldn’t be “pulling” their shows from other platforms. However, one can imagine that is they get “canceled” all bets are off.

“For a while, Disney and Netflix had a lucrative deal wherein the streaming giant would host much of the House of Mouse’s content, including major Marvel and Star Wars titles. However, with Disney’s decision

to enter the streaming competition themselves with their upcoming Disney Play service,

the two companies are poised to be competitors. For this reason, it makes sense

that the two are scrambling to sever ties.” - Forbes

And honestly, THAT’S WHAT I WAS TRYING TO TELL YOU BEFORE! Netflix and Marvel pulling back from their partnership makes rational sense. Disney can’t expect their service to survive if some of their most popular runs are being showcased on their rival’s platform. Disney announced that it would end its distribution deal with Netflix last year.


Now while some fans hilariously attribute the cancellations to Thanos’ snap. Others have a very different take on the what could be a foot. discovered very curious social media posts by each series’ accounts. Iron Fist shared an image of Rand branded “immortal,” with a caption reading “the story is never over.” And Luke Cage shared an image of its bulletproof superhero with a message reading “always forward.” Some fans are taking this to mean that somewhere along the line the two may join forces for a potential Heroes for Hire series.

“It’s something that’s in the air,” Coker told Empire’s Pilot TV in April on a potential joint series starring the two heroes, who first teamed up in The Defenders before joining forces again in Cage Season Two.

As for the rest of the shows. They don’t seem to be in danger of being canceled yet. Daredevil just dropped it’s third season. Jessica Jones and The Punisher are still on the way. Cloak & Dagger have a second season coming on their platform, while Runaways are blowing critics away. So no jeopardy there.

All and all Disney is going to do what Disney has to do to succeed. And if it’s one thing that is synonymous with Disney, it’s success. And I can’t wait to see how the rest of this Netflix v Disney plays out.

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