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THE TERRIFICS #1: An Issue that's MORE than "Fantastic". (REVIEW)

DC claims to be ushering in the NEW ERA of heroes. That A only truly works if they downplay the old era, and B are actually doing something new and different. So far I don't know if it's enough. After reading Damage #1, it was clear that my original speculations were confirmed. They are blatantly creating their own versions of popular Marvel characters. I know this is NOTHING new to the comic book industry, however, this is some next level. My theory is this, Damage is The Hulk, The Silencer is Black Widow, Sideways is Spiderman, and The Terrifics are The Fantastic Four. Now maybe that's a good thing, maybe it's not. Maybe I'm tripping. I also think Brimstone is Ghost Rider, etc. Fact is Damage is terrible. Sideways is boring, and the others look to be more of the same. However, time will tell. All that out the way I just finished reading Issue 1 of the Terrifics and lets see how Fantastic this four is.


This book does just enough to strike your curious bone. I didn't expect it to but it did. There is just enough exposition, just enough humor, and just enough intrigue to make me excited for an issue 2. So mad kudos to Ivan Reis & Jeff Lemire for getting it right. The dialogue between characters seem genuine and natural with few errors in writing. Having Plastic Man on this team is definitely going to add a humor factor to it that if done right will continue to come across and unforced and legit funny. Like when Mr. Terrific asks Plastic Man to land on a Planet. Plastic Man responds with: "Gee, I don't know Mr. Fairplay, am I going to turn into a giant egg again for a few years if I listen to you?!" Just good times reading. Then we come to the visuals. Crisp lines, strong panels, awesome use of negative space, and dynamic colors. The artstyle just works. Joe Pardo brought his best inks and Marcelo Maiolo brought his dopest colors. Panels aren't over cluttered with dialogue though there is a lot of dialogue to be read. Nothing outshines the other. The story, the inks, the colors just all work in perfect harmony and that's how a comic book introducing us to a whole new story should be.


I mean there isn't really anything wrong with this issue. Like, I want there to be because I cannot get over the astounding similarities to The Fantastic 4. However, Marvel doesn't have a 4 any more and DC is swooping in and I can't be mad at that. Like I said there are a few dialogue errors, but not enough so to highlight and give the book a bad mark. This title looks like it could be a lot of fun, and they have enough room to carve out their own path and really shine amongst the "New Age".


That being said, there was really no break out shocker. I mean them landing in a extraterrestrial giant was a bit of a shocker and I can't wait to find out more about that. But I'm not blown away by anything in this issue aside for how good it is.

This could have been a disaster. Damage isn't doing a good job of claiming an identity of "his own". It feels like the more it expands, the more it reminds people of The Hulk. Just check the reviews. From Issue 1 of the Terrifics it's clear that Reis & Lemire are trying to tell their own story. They're trying to seperate from the obvious connection to the Fantastic 4. This is a definite pick up. The Terrifics looks like it's going to be a ton of fun with a side of mystery/adventure.

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