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The Problem I Have With Stadia. . .

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

So since the announcement from Google that they're getting into the game streaming industry, tons of articles have been released. However one that stands out the most was an interview Phil Harrison did with Kotaku. And ironically my gripe is less about Stadia and more about Google's whimsical approach to projects.

Kotaku asked the good questions, as I find they always do; by and large Harrison answered. Like what internet speeds does one need to play at 1080. 25 megabits gets you that at 60 fps. While a mere 30 megabits gets you 4k. That out the way Harrison avoided questions like how much will it cost, (again, never a good sign). And if they'll be at E3 or nah. However, I get it. They want to keep the masses intrigued. And that's fine.

So then what's the issue you ask? Well Kotaku asked this perfect question:

And what the actual fluff Google!? Harrison makes it seem as though Google had no interest in keeping Google+ alive. And maybe that was in fact the case. Inbox, Hangouts, and so many more projects thrown at us by Google now dead in the water. And we're supposed to believe this is going to be different? Because it's "across their technical infrastructure and networking team"? That just sounds silly.

I look forward to seeing Stadia become the future of gaming. However, Google needs to take it seriously. More serious than they took G+, more serious than they took their Pixel Slate, and dedicate to seeing it's success. Again, it's a good sign that they've invested in their own studio. Lead by a gaming industry vet. Now they have to convince the big names to see the future as they see it. The controller is already getting great reviews. So hats off to Google for what they have done so far. I truly do hope you continue to look to the future and that Stadia doesn't disappoint and end up in the "Google Graveyard of Forgotten Projects".

However, we want to hear from you in the comments section below. What do yo think about Google Stadia? Are you as unhinged about it as we are, or are you as cautious about it as WE are. Let us know your thoughts!

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