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Shuri #2 Review: The Power Of The Black Panther Has Been Stripped AWAY!

Shuri #2

Issue 2 of Shuri is an incredible comic. Gone is the over saturation of narration and exposition and with that we get right into the heart of this run. Shuri. As it should be. This issue sees Shuri as head strong as ever fighting against acient ways with a progressive frame of thought. Only to disappoint and be disappointed herself. It's a great issue with a lot of heart and a great ending. You know if you're in to well written books with a great surprise at the end. But anyway, lets talk Shuri # 2.

The issue picks up right where the last one left off, which for me is always a great way of keeping a series cohesive. If I don't have to wonder how we got to place X or be told via "Then" and "Now" panels. I'm having a good time and I think this is where the talents of Okorafor shine through. Though in issue one she gave us a drawn out, yet detail vision of life in Wakanda; issue 2 gives us the same, just a lot less winded vision of Shuri. "I've been the Panther before...I've died wearing that suit". This is who Shuri is. A powerful intelligent female that speaks her mind at any cost. And what Okorafor has planned for Shuri seems nothing less than amazing.

Another thing done well here is the way she introduces Storm to the fray and has the interaction plays out between the two. Okorafor uses the seriousness of Storm which compliments the playful optimism of Shuri. It truly is beautiful writing. There isn't a single time that I read this (and I've read it twice) that I was at a lost or confused by the Dialogue. Nor did think it too much or overwhelming as I did with issue 1.

Shuri #2

And what Romero (artist) and Bellaire (color artist) are doing in this book is nothing short of magical. Something about Shuri just feels so tribal, so raw. Like after Ramonda expresses that Shuri is NOT her like her brother. The attention to detail in the sadness, the shock, and anger were just like POW! Deal with it. When Shuri snatches up those blades of grass while walking away from the collective. Why? That didn't have to be done, yet it was, and it sold that emotion.

Now, what I will saw is that panel placement is a little sloppy. Which is not to say that each panel isn't best utilized to its highest potential, however, they just seem scattered on the page at times. But the usage of lights and darks, shadows and highlights are near perfect and keeps the issue flowing in the right direction.

And as for that ending. All I'm gonna say about that is I AM SHURI! This issue is definitely work a read. The ending alone will have you coming back for more, however, if you're a fan of great story-telling and beautiful art. This is your cup of tea. People fell in love with Shuri ever since the film. But this series is how you get to know her. This is how you get on bended knee and propose. A lot of comics can flat-line before they even get a chance to beat. Just ask DC and their "new age of Heroes" (something I'll cover in another article). But Shuri is somthing different, something special. You have a beautiful story of progression and adventure from Okorafor with powerful passionate line art from Romero. Combine these things with colors that are just beyond stunning and you get a freaking master piece in the making.

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