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The OnePlus 8 Pro Is Officially The Goku Of Phones. Brining High End Performance And SPEED!

OnePlus 8 Series

OnePlus revealed their OnePlus 8 series today, and I've got to say that I was far from disappointed. They brought to the table everything that one would expect from a smart phone in the year 2020. Wireless charging, a dope camera, excellent speakers, 120 Hz refresh rate and so much more. The event was done online, with no audience, no bells, no whistles, and in true OnePlus fashion. And this phone might just be the phone to beat in 2020 as it will most surly take it's place as a Queen of smartphones.

I first want to make something clear, the phone doesn't start at $999 (or 1000). It starts at 899, however. The one I'll be talking about in this article is the top spec, $999 version because why go for the cheaper of the two? With that being said though, the only difference between the two is apparently color choice as the $899 version appears to only come in Glacial Green and the $999 comes in Ultramarine Blue and Onyx Black. Additionally the cheaper version only has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage; where as the more expensive is comes with a staggering 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. Which, let me tell you, as a 7T Pro McLaren Edition holder is more than enough performance to handle WHATEVER you throw at it.

With that out of the way let's get in depth about those specs. This phone is like Goku after he trained with King Kai right before coming back to earth to face Vegeta and Napa. I mean we're talking Kaioken levels of power. You're looking at a 120 Hz refresh rate 6.78 inch QHD+ display, Wi-Fi 6 support, an IP68 water resistance rating, and more. And the biggest "Spirit Bomb" that OnePlus dropped at this reveal confirmed that the phone would not only be able to charge wirelessly, but has reverse wireless capabilities as well. OnePlus is calling this “Warp Charge 30” wireless charging. Something they claim will provide 50 percent battery in just 30 minutes. And this will come quite in handy to feed the OnePlus 8 Pro's battery which comes in at 4,510 mAh.

The other big thing the OnePlus 8 Pro is boasting is a pro camera. Now they didn't call it that, but I sure as hell will. This year OnePlus is pulling out all the stops. A quadruple camera system containing a 48-megapixel main camera, a 48-megapixel 120 degree angle ultra-wide lens, and a telephoto lens that supports 30x digital zoom. As expected OnePlus is claiming much improved night time photos, but that's what they all say and they all fall a little bit short of what Google provides on that front. So only time will tell in OnePlus can truly do it this year with the 8 series.

Regardless of that, this is most definitely going to be the phone to beat this year. It's coming in at a competitive price in relation to what some of the other brands are offering for a higher price. I think the reason I'm not so blinded or bothered by the price of OnePlus phones is because I wasn't a fan of their devices when they started manufacturing. I admired the design and aesthetics but always felt they were lacking. Now, they come to not only play, but they're playing to win. And that's a mentality I can get behind. They learned from their short comings, took criticism, and implemented feedback. And they're looking to hold the crown.

OnePlus plans to drop the OnePlus 8 Pro along with the OnePlus 8 April 29th nationwide.

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