The OnePlus 7 Pro: An Above Average Phone The Average Person Can Afford.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Let me start off buy saying this. I'm, at core, a Samsung fan. I've had a galaxy phone for as long as I can remember. Yeah, I've tried HTC, LG, and a few others; but I've always came back to Samsung. So when the OnePlus 6T peaked my interest I was pretty shocked. I enjoyed it's design, it's lack of bezel, the least intrusive notch I'd seen since notches became a thing, and it's under screen fingerprint scanner. However, I thought to myself: "hold off, wait for the Note 10 or the Pixel 4". Then the OnePlus 7 Pro dropped and I was blown away. See I stayed away from the leaks and renders because I wanted to be genuinely surprised when it was revealed and OnePlus did not disappoint. And after watching the reveal, I just knew I had to have it. So I went down to the OnePlus pop-up takeover at my local signature T-Mobile store, and I made it happen. Now I've only had the phone for a few days, however, I've hardly put it down since. And I feel I've got enough information in that time to produce a solid review. So strap yourselves in and get caffeinated. This is my review of the OnePlus 7 Pro!

But before I start talking specs, style, and display. Let's talk Camera, the part of a cell phone, interestingly enough, that can make all of the difference between purchase and pass. And before I talk about my experience let's talk about what the OnePlus 7 Pro (OP7P moving forward) is rocking. The OP7P has got a Sony IMX shooting at 48 MP for a main. Next we have, what seems to be the new trend in phone cameras, a wide angle lens shooting at 16 MP with a 117 degree field of view. There is also, on the back, an 8 MP telephoto lens; as well as a pop-up, 16 MP front facing camera. Now during OnePlus' advertisement campaign they boasted "No bells. No whistles..." And these camera's deliver on that promise. They are nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. The main camera, though capable of 48 MP, shoots at default, 12 MP. Lame. . .no, SUPER LAME! And the wide angle lens often falls short of truly capturing the full details of a shot. Now don't get me wrong, the cameras are good, they're just not great. Certain shots tend to look grainy and muddied even in well lit conditions and in artificial lighting some shots look down right awful. However, these issues where so few and far between for me, it's hard to hate the cameras. And as you'll see in the images below, by and large the OP7P takes pretty awesome shots. Especially in low light, ironically, where it excels. Some shots even before I tack on night scape look vibrant and colorful. Take a look for yourself:

As you can see in the slideshow above the cameras are very hit or miss, however, I feel as though it's more hit than miss. Not to mention some of the photos the OP7P takes merely needs a saturation boost. Something that you can do very easily in Google Photos, or you can give it the professional touch in Snapseed or Light Room. The big complaint I've seen from a lot of top reviewers is that the cameras here don't compare to the Pixel 3 or the P30 Pro from Huawei. And NO DUH! Next I guess they're going to tell us that iPhones are made by Apple. The way I see it is that the average person just wants a phone that can take solid pictures to post to social media. This phone does that. And honestly, most times the photos are so close to being "true to eye", that as mentioned earlier, all you need is a little touch up.

OnePlus 7 Pro

So now with that out of the way, let's talk about build. The phone just feels EXCELLENT in the hands. And at first touch you'll never want to put it down again. The OP7P comes in 3 pretty dope colors. A mirror grey, a nebula blue, and an "almond color. I personally wanted to check out the almond, but nebula blue has something about it that just makes it a beauty to behold. The phone has a shell of glass that curves in towards the edges. What really makes the me feel comfortable with the phone is that it's so similar to the look and feel of the Galaxy line up. Especially coming from the Note 9.

I will say this though. I initially didn't agree with most reviews stating that the edge caused too many accidental touches. And after using the phone myself I can say that they are absolutely right. I find myself hitting things I don't mean to all the time. More than I ever have on Note 9. Maybe it's how thin the edges are or something else, but this phone definitely causes a bit of frustration. Out side of that the phone is light and big, which I love. I understand that it's not for everyone but I have rather long fingers and I can get across the screen with ease. In fact the OP7P is just a little bigger than the Note 9. Not that it matters, since you can bring down notification or up the app tray from any point on the screen. It really makes using the phone a breeze.

Speaking of screens. It's no secret that this is one of the best. I mean its beyond gorgeous. What you get with the OP7P is 6.67 inches of screen, near ZERO bezels, and (what OnePlus is calling) a fluid AMOLED display. Oh! And did I mention the 90Hz refresh rate?! Because it exist and it's awesome and once go 90 then 60 looks whack. Everything just looks awesome on the 7 Pro. From texting to tweeting; to YouTube to Netflix. Doing things just feels snappy on this device.

Now while on the subject of the battery, I find that I get quality usage out of the phone, even at 90Hz. On average I'm getting about 5 hours of screen on time with a full day of usage.

And I'm doing all of the things. From watching a ton of YouTube to playing games. Music, maps, and constant notifications. That said, most recently I found that I had about 3 hrs of screen on time and had about 35 percent battery left. Now, I hadn't charged the phone over night or all day, so I'm not sure how to gauge that. I did just check and I still have 23 percent life left with 27 hours since last full charge. So do with that information as you will. But the fact is that even if the phone does fall short, it really doesn't matter because you have Warp Charging that promises to charge your phone to about 50% in 15 minutes.

I do all of the gaming on my phone Brawl Stars, Command & Conquer Rivals, Battle Lines. Till wee hours of the

morning and I must say between the "Game Mode", that wicked refresh rate, and the glorious screen. Gaming has never felt better. Now, for whatever reason I don't have access to the "Fnatic Mode", but I'll live. Another thing worth noting is that while you're doing all this gaming, (even while charging) you get a 10 layer liquid cooling system that keeps the device running smooth and yes...FAST.

At the end of the day this phone is just that. FAST! In the words of MKHB: "Silly Fast." And at the price they're offering, you get a lot of bang for your buck. This idea that you're not getting a full package is utter nonsense. For any reviewer to say that the OP7P isn't worth the money because it's camera isn't the Pixel's, or OnePlus did pony up for an IP rating, or it's 90Hz isn't as fast as Razors 120Hz, or it's STEREO SPEAKERS (which I didn't even talk about. THEY'RE AMAZING) isn't as great as iPhone's is just trash nit picking. The S10 ranges from 799 to 999 and then the pricing only goes up in model.

As I stated in the beginning. I jumped ship from Samsung. And am by no means a "OnePlus purest". However, I am a lover of tech and a cell phone enthusiast. The OnePlus 7 Pro isn't for everyone. Further more it isn't without flaw. However, it's pretty far from average and can satisfy the base needs of anyone looking a for a device that can do everything well, while doing some of those things better than most. I would absolutely recommend this phone to anyone in the market. You wont miss the headphone jack if you're a normal person, because most likely you've already gone wireless. The IP rating wont bother you because A) you don't play on scuba diving with the phone. And B) you've looked online and have seen how water resistant the phone is. For the sake of this review I even risked my phone for 5 minutes under water and everything is "so far, so good.

You simply wont find a better phone at these prices. Has the company come a long way? Yes! Have their phones gotten better over time? Definitely! Does what the 7 Pro offer justify is price? Absolutely! And lastly, is it STILL a budget phone all that considered? HELL YES! Every company has their one or two reasons to buy their device and I would argue that with the OnePlus 7 Pro you get multiple reasons this should be your go to choice.