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The Morbius Trailer Is Here, And Well. . .Welcome To The Spiderverse!

Jared Leto is back to comics! But not as funny man Joker. This time around he's switching sides and coming to the silver screen for Marvel. Well, Sony really, but you know what it really is. In Morbius, Leto is playing a Marvel antihero Dr. Micheal Morbius. This trailer, seen below, shows Leto doing what he does best. Go over the top to deliver a performance that promises to be something special.

The trailer feels a lot like the Venom Trailer when it dropped. Making it clear that this isn’t a Marvel Studios movie. This is Sony, and Sony's gonna do what Sony's gonna do. with the benefit of staying “in association with Marvel,” which leaves the doors wide open for crossovers!

That said, we get quite the treat at the end of this Trailer which leads me to believe we're gonna get a Sinister 6 movie VERY soon. I feel whereas Marvel introduced us to Superheroes one by one to form the Avengers. Sony is one by one the Anit-Heroes and villains of Spider-Man to give us what we've been waiting for!

But that's, enough from me. Check out the trailer for yourself below! Morbius will be released this summer!

Are you excited for this movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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