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The Mandalorian Chapter Four Review: Strong But Rushed...

The Mandalorian Episode 4 Art

I'll start by saying this. Chapter 4 is by far the most adorable episode one could ever expect from a show about a bounty hunting merc. And with baby Yoda by his side, Pascal seems to shine in ways that he hadn't in previous episodes. Giving Mando a bit more of an actually personality. However, this episode suffered from the same issues Chapter 1 suffered from and that's the lack of a real lapse of time.

I get the sense sometimes the people behind the scenes don't exactly know what to do with this show. The score is terrible, the flow is jagged, and the payoffs are rare. However, this episode is all about sweet baby Yoda and his relationship with Mando. And in that regard the episode is a hit. Pascal can be heard to be annoyed with little Yoda, who seems to be as mischievous as he wants to be. And in doing so, creates some truly laugh out loud moments in the show.

As for the episode it self. It's stronger that the first 2 and on par with the third. Mando lands on a planet seeking sanctuary for he and the kid. This is where we are introduced Cara Dune (Gina Carano), a Soldier gone AWOL after things got too political during the takedown of the Empire. And one thing this show does nicely, is sewing exposition that sits well in the moment and doesn't feel like unnecessary or forced dialogue.

Anyway, Cara Dune was a kick ass character that I don't understand why she isn't going with him. I mean, I guess maybe for the character is doesn't make sense. As she's probably being hunted herself given the interaction she had with Mando when they first met, but still. Seems silly to waste such a strong character so early. And I'm sure we'll see her again later on ( I hope), but come on, why introduce he so early if she's gonna go away. That said, however, boy did her friendship with Mando feel rushed. It's like one second their fighting each other, next second Mando's leaving THE PLANET because she "was here first", and then BAM! She's going to battle with him, risking her life for some villagers. All of whom she BARELY KNOWS? WHY? Because the reason that convinced all of that didn't really seem like a solid one. Like, if I was in her shoes, I wouldn't have done it.

The same could be said about the potential love interest of Mando in the village. Because this episode also introduces us to Omera (Julia Jones), the second of the two new badass female characters that should have had more impact on the show. Upon meeting Mando, she instantly seems in love, and that's freaking odd because for two reasons. A) He hasn't done anything worth being enamored with. And B) He's in full Mandalorian gear. She has no idea what he looks like under all that armor. I mean, I can appreciate the whole "don't judge a book by its cover vibe the episode is giving off, but again, he hasn't done anything good yet. Other than say yes. And even that was marred by him taking their LIFE SAVINGS. The whole villages LIFE SAVINGS. Just feels rushed.

As for Omera. I found myself wanting to know more about her. There comes a point when Mando asks the village "who knows how to shoot". And of the entire village, Omera is the only one who raises her hand. How did she learn this? When did she learn this? Why? And who taught the rest of the villagers? I mean yea, we had the montage, but but even by the end of it they all sucked. Yet they were bullseye hitters when the battle commenced.

Just a lot to take in. I think the real issue here is the run time. Episodes are about 30 minutes long...and I can't for the life of me figure out why. Now this episode does have the longest run time so far with 41 minutes, but it still had a lot of corners cut. I mean we get to the end and Mando almost lets Omera take his helmet off. Why!? There was no relationship shown to be built here except for the one we're supposed to assume was built because of this instance.

To the credit of the creators thought, this episode was very well-balanced and definitely kept me wanting to know more. The hope is that all of this pays of by the finale, but Chapter 4 definitely felt like the end of one Arc and a step towards another. And I can only believe that the show is going to ramp up from here. And with baby Yoda being so lovable and enduring. You can best believe that anything happening involving him will continue to tug at our heart strings.

Have you watched Chapter 4 of the Mandalorian? What was your take away from it? Let us know in the comments section below. This Is The Way!

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