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The Mandalorian Chapter 8 Review: This Is The Way, The Only Way.

The Mandalorian

Just got done watch the 8th and Final chapter of The Mandalorian season 1 and it was glorious. My biggest concern coming into this week is that it wouldn't have delivered on a scale being worth what we went through to get here. Seeing how only 2 episodes really had any substance to it and one of those 2 were the one right before this one. But let me assure. This episode has it all. Humor (tons of it), emotion, anticipation, story, motivation...everything! And the season ended in a way that could be considered satisfactory. Hell, it ended this season in a way that's almost better than how Abrams ended over 40 years of Star Wars movies.

I just want to start by saying Favreau and Waititi nailed this episode to the board and did the fans of not just the show a great deal of service, but also fans of the franchise. The whole episode starts with the two Scout Troopers from the end of Chapter 7. And their whole scene is the most hilarious thing to come out of this show. I don't want to go into lengthy spoiler detail, but suffice it to say Waititi and Favereau play with a lot of what is said about Storm Troopers.

And with that tone set the show could have delivered even more goodness or disappointed, but it didn't disappoint. From the moment the action kicked off, the ACTION kicked off. Waititi definitely delivered on a story driven, suspenseful, action packed episode that rivaled Chapters 3 and 7. Hell! The last scene of the chapter has Moff Gideon showcasing some of the greatest weaponry Star Wars has ever seen. And you know how we hate spoilers, so we won't tell you what it is here. But, mind BLOWN!

That mentioned, there's clearly a lot still to learn about Giancarlo Esposito's Moff Gideon. Who apparently is a huge name dropper if you know what I mean. However, this chapter showcased that Gideon is a dangerous man. A man with access to all manner of detrimental intel and knowledge. And he's not afraid to let you know, that he knows. And that's part of what makes his character so sinister.

All and all Chapter 8 was Disney saving the best for last. And honestly it did make the whole journey worth it to get to this point. Chapters 1 & 2? Forgettable. 4 through 6? Trash. But this episode, was pure gold that pulls it all together. This whole season felt like a set-up for season 2. And I believe season 2 will be a much better paced experience. This is the way and the ONLY way episodes should be done. So thank you Waititi. You gave us the greatest gift of all. A solid Star Wars ending to something we can all agree on. I have spoken

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