The Mandalorian Chapter 7 Review: When Things Get Real On This Show, They Get Really Real!

The Mandalorian Chapter 7

Well look who's balls just dropped! This Chapter of The Mandalorian was Jaw Dropping! Adrenaline Pumping! And had us at the edge of our seats the whole time. This was easily the best chapter of the series thus far. And yes, that's beating out Chapter 3! What's worth noting is that the same person who directed that Chapter, directed this one and it's a got damned hit! Like purely amazing!

Chapter 7 almost makes it all worth it! Literally one of the most crucial episodes to date. Baby Yoda busting out some more force moves. "The Client" getting what's his. And the introduction of Moff Gideon played by Giancarlo Esposito. And let me just say! He's one damn good addition. We also get a fresh look at some familiar faces. Like I said this episode beautifully and gracefully ties everything together and it’s really about time the show gives us more.

For example we get to see another side of Karga. You know, the Guild Master who tries to screw over Mando. We get to see another side of the planet Nevarro. And so much more. And at the risk of sounding like a recap blog, we find out in this chapter that The Client actually remained on Nevarro after the events of Chapter 3. What's worse was that he enacted some sort of faux Imperial Law and had the place crawling with former Imperial troops. Hence the reason why Karga reached out to Mando.

This Chapter was full of twists and turns down to the very end. And honestly this is what made the episode great. It was the anticipation of not knowing what was coming next. And usually I criticize the show for having Mando do some pretty dumb shit. Like Chapter 6 and 5 was absolute trash. I'm sorry, but it's true. Those chapters legit made Mando look like the dumbest Bounty Hunter to ever walk the earth. But this episode just made sense. Every move made by Mando made sense, down to the letter. And because of this is raised the stakes. Will his plan work? Will they get caught? What will happen? Pure Gold!

Also some serious fan service was delivered here. Speeder bikes, Tie Fighters, and Biker Scouts. This episode gave us the full package and delivered on some great foreshadowing! See, Moff Gideon gives us a real showcase of what the Empire has been up to and how important Baby Yoda is to them. In Star Wars lore, a "Moff" is the controller of a given area of space under the rule of the Empire. So those Death Troopers he rolled up with are the Elite of the Elite. Helping him keep order in his sector.

In an interview with Conan O'Brien, Esposito said: "Moff Gideon is a remnant Imperial after the Empire falls apart. The Empire has been divvied up to these remnant Imperials who will then maintain order." Describing Gideon as a "tricky interesting human being," And honestly Esposito is good at playing these types of roles. From Revolution to Breaking Bad. He's a good snake.

Long end short of it is Chapter 7 sets up the confrontation between The Mandalorian and Moff Gideon in next week’s finale. The ending of this episode also delivered some great twist ending and solid cliffhangers. The drama between Cara and Kuiil was enjoyable and gave us a little more back story into Kuiil's life. Now it's still hard to recommend this series. However, if you are following it. This was a fun and adrenaline fueled episode. Great acting, awesome Baby Yoda moments, and some great fan service. The season finale will be the deciding factor of if the sum of its parts are worth the whole. I have spoken!

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