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The Galaxy Note 9: Big, Bad, and Beautiful!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Note 9

Samsung is a brand of evolution. And that has never been more apparent with it's latest refinement of the Note 8. We're fresh off the heels of Samsung's unpacked event and though I can't be there and can't get hands on. I'll tell you what! Everything they showcased at their event is more than enough to tide me over. However, does this phone have what it takes to go toe to toe with the iPhone or the future Pixel 3? Well let's get into the specs that make the Note 9 different and possibly the Note that Note fans have been waiting for.




Did someone say MORE POWER!? My guess is that someone had have because the Note 9 is sporting an impressive 4,000mAH battery which is larger a battery than was in the Note 7. And that's saying something. However, this isn't samsung throwing caution to wind, but instead believing in it's own "multi point safety check" technology. Samsung also has a plan for overheating by having an onboard "Water Carbon Cooling System". And though this has more to do with GPU, one can be near certain this was designed to keep the phone safe and explosion free. However, don't hold me to that. I'm no expert.

The next powerhouse feature that Note 9 is sporting is the new and massively improved s-pen. Let me tell you all a little story about why I still rock the Note 8 over the Pixel 2. It's all about that pen. The ability to easily screen capture, screen write, and copy and paste text is everything to me. Well in this version of the Note you get all of that and a bag of digital chips. Speculations, rumors, and leaks confirmed: Samsung has added Bluetooth to the Stylus. Making it something truly formidable in the mobile device world. Imagine if you will controlling slides for important presentations, playing and pausing music, or more importantly taking that wide angle group selfie you could never quite master at arms length. Many have attempted to find a solution for this "issue". Even samsung, and this might be their best fix yet! I mean, next to "Google, take a selfie".




Now, while we're on the topic of the camera, let's talk about it. On the Note 9 you're getting the same two 12-Megapixel cameras you got with the S9. Which at first sound, feels disappointing. However, Samsung is taking a page out of Google's "Play" book (pun intended), and is opting into "A.I Learning". Therein lies the rub, Samsung is sporting a new Scene Optimizer mode which will adjust photo settings based of the picture being taken. Now, this isn't revolutionary in anyway, however, I can only imagine the Samsung will put their own spin on things making it something competitive in today's market of excellent smartphone cameras. The other nifty addition is the new "Flaw Detection" feature. If you blinked, it'll let you know. Blurry photo? You'll know Yoyo. One can only hope they continue to improve upon these little additions as time goes on. However, if the rumors are true and the Samsung X is right around the corner then it's hard to imagine that they'll take the software too far as they'll really be betting on the X to shoot them over the moon.

Lavender Note 9

Now these are just the major things that the Note 9 offers that was buzzworthy to me. Other hidden gems is you

still maintain the ability to use your device in place of a credit card via Samsung Pay. Also by merely connecting an HDMI adapter to your phone to an external display gives you ultimate access to the Note 9's DeX software. This gives you a PC like experience all from the convenience of your mobile Samsung phone. So it's clear that the Note 9 is coming out swinging and swinging for the fences at that.




Now this wouldn't be proper without running over the specs that make up the soul of the device. And bigger doesn't always equal badder, however in this case, monstrous doesn't quite sum it up. We're talking Super AMOLED Quad HD+ screen. We're talking a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor. We're talking upwards of a terabyte of storage with upwards to 8 gigs of RAM. I mean, SAY WORD! This is a pretty sweet phone. And with two candy looking coats of Blue w/ Yellow s-pen or Lavender and the smaller bezels you can expect this device to be as head turning as ever.

That being said, all isn't perfect in the Galaxy and it's a pretty pig problem if you ask me. The Note 9 doesn't come

loaded with Peppermint, but instead Oreo. I mean if I'm dropping 1000 to 1300 for a phone, I expect it to come complete with all the things. And that includes the latest Android/Google OS. However, in an attempt to make up for this shortcoming, Samsung is giving it's consumers early access to Fornite for Android. In addition to this, those that pre-order the Note 9 get access to an exclusive skin and like 15000 V-Bucks, which is an in game currency. You also get an exclusive skin and I mean this is great if you're a fan of the game...or looking to try it out. However, it's a poor substitution for coming up just short of perfect.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be available for purchase worldwide on August 24th. With all that good but a price tag that's cheapest at 1000 dollars. Will you be picking up a Note 9? Let us know in the comments below.

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