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The Final Trailer For "Joker" Dropped, And 'No One's Laughing Now'


If you thought we weren't going to comment on the the final trailer for the movie about the King of Unhinged...then you're probably as crazy as Phoenix was for taking this role. Warner Bros. debuted the final trailer for "Joker" and it is glorious. In fact as glorious a trailer as we've ever seen. While some people are already commenting that Phoenix has the oscar in the bag others are already calling the yet to be released movie the greatest comic movie of all time. And honestly, I can't say that I disagree. The late Heath Ledger got his Oscar playing the Batman iconic villain; as well as being the driving force behind making The Dark Knight so memorable. So how awesome would it be is another Joker actor takes home some gold for what looks to be like the best origin story ever told.

Looking at this trailer you really get the feeling that this isn't a "comic book movie". It's more of a movie based on a comic book character. And I think for fans that are still skeptical it is important to make that distinction. Don't expect to see Batman, don't expect the Joker we've seen portrayed in the past or the comics. Expect something far better, far more real, and if we're being honest...far more unhinged.

This could be the "Logan" movie that DC has been looking for. What they've done with Shazam and Aquaman was a great turning point. What they did with Wonder Woman was simply spectacular. And the Dark Knight trilogy is in a league of its own. But this, directed by one of the greatest Directors of all time, with some of the best actors and actress' we've known. C'mon, how can you not think this is going to be great!?

You've got Robert De Niro playing Murray Franklin, a talk show host who seems to really spark Arthur Flecks transformation into Joker. Then you have Zazie Beetz (Atlanta, Deadpool 2) playing Sophie Dumond and apparent love interest for Fleck. On top of this you have Frances Conroy, Brett Cullen, and Marc Maron co-staring in the film. This is just a sweet pot of "can I have some more please".

On top of ALL of that juicy goodness, myself and many other fans have reason to believe that this story is loosely based on the Killing Joke. The greatest Batman & Joker story every written. Where we get glimpses of the Joker's past about how he was a failed stand up comedian. Now we don't see in red hoods in any of the two trailers and I don't expect to see the character wear any in the movie. However, the similarities cannot be ignored.

"Joker" is set to premier at the Venice Film Festival, making it the the first "comic book" movie to do so. After this it will play at the Toronto International Film Festival and then New York's. However, officially, "Joker" drops in theaters October 4th. So put on a happy face and send in the clowns because I believe we're going to be in for one hell of a treat.

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