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The Flash 43 Cover

Under the gaze of Grodd...all things are a blur. However, if you're reading a Flash comic that should be how you like it. Everything in the issue is high paced and ends before you know it, and that is nowhere near a bad thing. So out of the mind of Williamson with have part 5 of Perfect Storm and the repercussions of Barry's actions from the last issue.

The Flash 43 IMG 1


This issue starts with Barry fighting the good fight...and no I'm not talking against the other speedsters turned against him. I'm talking keeping the mind reading, mind controlling gorilla out his head while he comes up with a plan! And it's no easy know. Due to the speedsters, the ones he calls family being used at GREAT length, by Grodd, against him. What I truly love about this run is that Williamson really brings out the worst in Grodd. Showcasing just how much of both a bad-ass and S.o.B he can be. The entire issue he's just fucking with Barry (or so he thinks), and making things very difficult for our would be hero. The dialogue is some of the best yet in a Flash comic. You know, at least since I've been back to reading them. This Flash Family dynamic of in house fighting and anger is put to great use here as the other speedster's feeling bubble over under the control of Grodd and they speak their mind about he they feel Barry treats them. Williamson also goes to great lengths at the end of this issue to show that Grodd never cared about being better...he only ever cared about the power. The unlimited power.

Speaking of power...GOT DAMN! Is Di Giandomenico a beast. I don't know if I've seen him draw anything else, but I've seen this and that's really all I need to become a believer. Him and Plascencia are truly a force to be mucked with. This issue is fast and furious and Di's style plays well to a battle of speedsters. Every line just shakey enough to show we are in movement and if Barry stops...BOOM. Speed, starring Sandra Bullock, style! The inks perfectly complimenting the pencils. The colors! My word if the colors didn't tell their own story here. Every movement, every chase, every moment. The colors tell a tale.

I didn't review issue 42 of The Flash...but the art was...ummmm, how do I put this delicately. HOT GAR-

The Flash 43 IMG 2

BADGE for a flash comic, but this is like a hot knife through butter. Even the cover, not variant, is a master-piece. It is easy to get lose in the imagery and story of this one. Honestly, you don't even need the backing of the last 4 issues to know what's going on here and that's the mark of a GREAT comic book writer to me. If this is what Williamson has drummed up pre Flash War. I can't wait to see the during.

The Unhinged:

There are enough crazy moments in this issue to make a grown man sane, however, can we just talk that 4 Flash + Grodd beat down Barry got for a second. THE COLORS DUKE! THE COLORS! I can almost guarantee that if I took acid or mushrooms and read this issue, I'd actually see the pages come to like. Now I'm not advocated drug use...but I'm saying...maybe!

If you don't see by now, there is no dark. In an issue this colorful, this well written, why waste time. GO! Get this issue. And fast! Because it's fun, it's quick, and it gets to the point. In Grodd We Trust!

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