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The Evolution Of Chrome OS Is Here, Turning All Convertible Toads To Royalty!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

What a time to be alive if you're into tech! First the Pixel 3, which though disappointing, has showed us what could be the future of Camera Machine Learning Technology. Fast forward you have the One + 6T which not only proves you don't have to be expensive to be high end, but also shows that you don't have to be fancy to take great pictures. Then, if you're an Apple fan, you have the launch of a few new products, but none more beautiful and more exciting than the 2018 iPad Pro! However, I say all that to say it's a great time to be alive and as of the moment of this article I've recently received my Chrome OS 70 update and! It's a simple update that brings a tablet like experience to the Pixelbook. So as always, lets talk about it.

And what I really want to start with is the new UI. The first thing I immediately noticed was how sleek and minimal the app shelf became. How sexy the notification section is. And upon folding your keyboard back to hit tablet mode; All of your icons and folders pop up and spread across the screen grid style. Essentially, they've done away with seeing "laptop" mode while using the device as a tablet. All of this not only creates a more cohesive experience across devices, but allows for more optimization when using devices in tablet mode. A mode that should appeal to the touch and not the click.

That being said, however, Chrome is the same as it is in "laptop" mode. Which again makes sense for creating that unified single experience. What Google did do in that regard though was change the browser on all platforms to make the experience more tap friendly. Which is something that you can noticeably feel the difference of. Grabbing, dropping, closing, and/or switching between tabs while in "tablet" mode just feels more natural.

There are some small under the hood improvements that google has made as well that helps create a more elegant experience like how the multi-tasking button works now or how the quick settings menu feels, but these are all things you'll have to experience to understand fully. Fact is this: Chromebooks have come a long way. A journey that culminated with the creation of "high-end" Chromebooks and the Pixelbook it self. But even with the all powerful Pixelbook, using the device never felt as smooth as it could have been in "tablet" mode. Almost feeling clunky. The OS never did a good job as emerging you in an experience that helped you forget that you were still holding a laptop. And with the launch on OS 70, Now, those issues are, in the words of The Rave, "nevermore". And this is only the first step. Google is renown for their great software implementation and their machine learning. So they can only get better from here.

They may not be up to par with the iPad pro, or have the bevy of built in options that come with their OS. However, this is definitely a step in the right direction and with a little more persistence and gull they could create an OS that truly rivals that of which Apple provides. Now! If your OS hasn’t evolved yet, fret not, you can manually start the update by heading into Settings. Finding the “About Chrome OS” section in the settings menu. And then selecting the “Check for updates” option.Once the update is downloaded, it'll prompt you to restart your device and SHAZAM! You're device is much more beastly than it was before the evolution.

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