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The Disney Is In The Details Of Their Upcoming Streaming Service

Disney Streaming

Everyone wants in on the behemoth that is streaming. From D.C to Microsoft to Jay Z, everyone wants a piece of the pie in one way or another. Disney is no exception. 2019 looks to be the year they launch a streaming service of their own. Banking on solid in house created content to keep them afloat. From movies to original titles. However, with Netflix and Hulu being the Juggernauts of the industry, and already containing original Disney content. Does Disney's streaming service really stand a chance?


In a report from Variety, C.E.O Bob Iger dropped some deets that give us some insight on the matter. One of the most important things he claimed was that they were making the project the company's "biggest priority". Which sounds like they plan of investing a lot of time and effort into getting it off the ground and making it profitable. However, what was more important was they he claims they have no plans to pull current Disney titles from other platforms. Meaning shows like Luke Cage and the Runaways would stay where they are. And this just sounds like the biggest sham of all time. The idea that Disney won't eventually take their Disney titles and bring it home to their streaming service sounds like absolute shenanigans. Because either they're not telling us the whole truth and eventually (sooner than later most likely), they will pull said shows from Hulu and Netflix. The other wild scenario is that they do, in fact, have no plans on pulling these rogue titles and have doomed the service before it even started. And seeing how they plan on being cheaper than Netflix, it's reported that they would need "40 million subscribers paying 6 dollars a month just to break even". And if I can get my Jessica Jones and Legion fix from the current subscriptions I already own, then why would I add this extra expense?


Movies are gonna be the driving factor behind the service. Disney's streaming service isn't coming out swinging with heavy Original Content, but it will be dancing the line with a bevy of movie titles that will include Infinity War, Captain Marvel, and Frozen 2 to name a few. And if Frozen 2 is anywhere near as popular as 1. The option to not have to buy a 20 dollar dvd and just be able to stream the sucks. Over, and over, and over again. Well that's gonna be the better option. When you compare this concept with what Marvel Comics did with Marvel Unlimited. You find that there are less and less true collectors out there and more pure fans. So why buy 2 or 3 comics a week at near 15 dollars plus tax, plus bags & boards. Reach over 60 dollars a month, when I could just pay 10 dollars and have the whole catalogue at my disposal. I mean, hell I collect comics and spend almost 50 a week...and laying this deal out just now almost made me convert. Now I could go into how these streaming services hurt the industry, the culture, and the creative teams behind the content we love, however...that's a whole different article. My point is that if Disney is going to be successful in this venture, it'll be because of their movies.

All skepticism aside, if anyone can pull this off it's Disney. I do believe they'll need the exclusivity of their original titles like The Gifted and Iron Fist, but who knows what Bob didn't tell us. Who knows what they've got cooking. If Disney can pull this off it'll definitely be a game changer and I for one love a little competition.

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