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Superhuman Bar Brawls: Scarlet Witch vs Doctor Fate

Scarlet Witch

Every wondered what would happen if two of your favorite illustrated icons clashed? Who would win? How? Why? Well wonder no more. Here at Geek Unhinged we're going to give you an in depth look at just such scenarios a new series called Superhuman Bar Brawls. So without further ado. And stop me if you've heard this one before, but, Two Superhumans walk into a bar...

First we have Doctor Fate. The Lord of Order himself. Specs have him at 6'2, 197 lbs. Powers include Magic, Molecular Reconstruction, Energy Resistance, Divine Empowerment, and more. He has done things the likes of witch the League never thought possible. For example, within the Helm that Fate wears lies the magical power over Order and Chaos. And if that wasn't enough, Fate also wears two other items that make him even more powerful that he is without the. The Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny. The Amulet enhances his magical abilities and also it a gateway to a dark dimension. A void. A place to put people if he so wills it. As for the Cloak, it allows for him to have invulnerability and super strength. And as if all of that wasn't enough. He also has super speed, telapathy, power of flight, and really the list goes on. Oh and did I mention time travel and immortality?

Yeah. He's that big of a deal. Why do you think he get's so little play in DC and has such restrictions. He's basically a GOD, however the rules of the Order keeps him sidelined most of the time because he has to bring balance to the universe. So he can never make things too peaceful or allow them to get too chaotic. He's basically a Nuke. An in case of emergency character.

All and all he's a force to be trifled with. However, his opponent is no push over and is capable of many feats as well and may be just as powerful in her own right.

No More Mutants

That's right, if anyone could give Fate a run for his money. It might be Scarlet Witch. Coming in at 5'7, 132. Her powers include Chaos Magic, Hex Bolts, Molecular Destabilization, Canceling Other's Powers & Abilities, and more. She once depowered damn near all mutants, and caused the prevention of mutants being born for future generations; all with three simple words. She has the innate ability to manipulate and warp reality at will. And really that kind of says it all. All of this combined with her expert knowledge of sorcery is what makes her truly a force to behold. She's one of the few characters that have power over "luck", By using her hexes she can easily deflect projectiles or cause enemies to stumble or otherwise suffer the effects of "bad luck".

So she's pretty much a goddess right? She has warped realities, caused powers to fail, driven her enemies to madness. However, is all of this enough to go toe to toe with Doctor Fate? I did a recent poll via social media, and the consensus was that Scarlet Witch wins this battle every time. And the actuality of it is, she wins this battle never. In fact she doesn't even come close.

When people think of Scarlet Witch, at least those of us that don't just know her from the Movies, We think of The House of M. A story line in which Quicksilver convinced Wanda to use her powers and warp reality into the "House of M". A world in which mutants were the majority and Magneto was king. A story that, again, ended with her basically wiping out the mutants. However, she did not achieve this catalyst on her own and it was was revealed later on that Doom had given her the Life Force it self. This amplified her powers to do all this world wide level reality manipulation. Without it she's still a powerful being, but no where near as devastating.

However, that out the way let's assume she still has said life force. Something, might I add, Doom was able to

Doctor Fate

take away from her (along with her powers). But let's assume she has this life force. She would still be unable to beat Fate because her magic is based on chaos. Doctor Fate is a Lord of Order. A supernatural entity with God Like powers. He has a defense for anything Scarlet Witch can throw his way. And with the ability to time travel, even if she could come close, he could undo, redo, and adjust.

She tries to demolecilarize him? Even if he couldn't reconstruct himself, she would have a hard time finding him through the illusions and invisibility. Oh, she uses Hex magic, tries to turn his luck. He uses Divine Empowerment! Which is DC's version of probability manipulation...but from a GOD. In this case Ra. Simple fact is that Doctor Fate can not only nullify Scarlet Witch's chaos Magic, but at the end of this encounter, or maybe even before it begins. She gets imprisoned in the Amulet of Anubis.

Verdict: There isn't a reality Wanda could create where she comes out the champ against Doctor Fate. And that's the Bottom Line.

But hey? Don't agree with our scenario? Know something more that we don't? We'd love to hear from you in the comment section below. The way we see it Scarlet Witch loses this fight 10 outta 10 times. Change our minds!

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