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Season of Fortune: Card Changes I'd Like To See With Patch 1.4

The Season of Fortune is almost upon us. And it promises to bring new modes, new emotes, and customizations. And those are great things. But what it's bringing that's most important is 20+ card balance changes and reworks. Now as most of you may know, the "YOINK" mechanic is a big point of contention among some in the community. Mainly Mogwai and his viewers. #NoShade. Deep is a problem for others. (i.e: me). And then you have "Unyielding Spirit"...which, well F that card! But this hopes to fix all that as during the last patch notes riot stated they'd be keeping an eye on those cards. So below we'll detail some cards that we think could use a little love and hope they get it.

Let's start with some easy ones and easily the most controversial. Black Market Merchant should cost 3 instead of 2. As should Pilfered Goods. I don't think they should draw from the bottom of the deck, however they should let the person who's being Pilfered know what cards have been taken. That goes for Yordel Grifter as well. Who's allegiance effect is that he draws a card from your opponent. I also think for everything Yordel does, he should also cost 1 mana more.

However, to avoid all of this. Warning shot should cost 1 mana to use. Now you can increase the cost of Warning Shot as well as the aforementioned changes. Or you can just increase Warning Shot and that would slow everything else down. Especially in the beginning. Because I'm a proponent of the "YOINK" mechanic. But even I can admit it's entirely too easy to proc especially in the beginning. I think these changes should quite the rage of those unlucky enough to be Pilfered.

Next up we have "Unyielding Spirit"...and while we're at it "Stand Alone". Personally I think the cost on these cards are fine. Maybe "Stand Alone" could cost 1 more. But I'm not tripping. I think the big issue with these cards are that they're burst speeds. Giving your opponent no opportunity to counter. And yes, there are ways to get rid of the effect after the fact, but in most cases the damage is done. These cards are too powerful to move that fast. So by making them Fast. It still allows for you to react to your opponent, while letting your opponent have the opportunity to disrupt. These changes will go a long way when it comes to balancing these cards and making them feel less cheap.

Next on my list is a card that probably isn't on anyone's radar, but I see it a lot and it works my nerves how cheap it is. And that card is Lure Of The Depths. Think about it a 3 cost, burst speeds spell that reduces the cost of ALL Sea Monsters EVERYWHERE. Then draws one from your deck...#DaFuq!? This card should either cost 4 Mana or the Draw effect should be a Plunder effect. At least then it feels more balanced. Right now it's just free Money. And when an opponent gets to popping off 2 of these in a row. You can best believe their next attack turn is going to shut the game down. As it takes "The Beast Below" from a 4 cost to a 2 cost; and "Abyssal Eye" from 5 to 3...and that card is a 3/3 Elusive, with with a Nexus strike draw effect. Just madness.

Now let's talk leveled Karma and her unlimited ability to create dupes as long as you have the cost. I believe Mogwai and Panda talked about this in a Progress Day episode. But there should be a limit to how many times her effect procs. Because if not, then leveled Twisted Fate's effect should be unlimited as well. Karma just feels highly unbalanced because even though you need 10 Mana for her level. Once she does the game quickly turns out of your favor. And it's not so much a matter of the card feeling unfair necessarily. It's more of a matter of consistency, in line with similar feeling cards.

Now at first glance, Ravenous Flock seems fair. Pay 1 to do 4 damage to a stunned or already damaged unit. That is until you realize, you pay 1 mana to do 4 damage to an already damaged or stunned unit. The effect alone is enough to make you go "HUH!?". But when you combine this with Swains level requirements you have a pretty broken card. Now don't get me wrong, I know "PnZ" has "Gotcha" which is potentially a 2 cost card. However, if you don't use it the turn it's drawn. It becomes a 4 cost card. And that sounds pretty fair to me. The rate at which small amounts of damage can be done is pretty high in this game. So I think making Ravenous Flock either cost more or do less damage would be the way to go. Which when you compare it to Mystic Shot is a 2 cost for 2 damage or a card like Noxian Fervor which cost 3 to do 3 AND has an additional cost of doing 3 damage to an ally unit. Again, I know this is to help Swain level...but combined with Flock and you're pretty much killing anything you set your sights one. That's 4 Mana for 7 damage. The only card to do that much damage is "Scrapshot" and is costs 7 and you have to toss 3 cards. Again, it's all about consistency, and Ravenous Flock isn't consistent with the cost to damage ratio. Even with the additional requirements.

Last on my list is "Jae Medarda" what a great card. Elusive. 6/6. An effect that states when he's targeted, draw a card. The only problem is he costs 8 to then do I really need to Draw a card? Probably not. I think they keep his effect, lower his attack to like 3. Put his health at 5. And have him cost 5. I think that makes him a Viable option. Gives him the opportunity to synergize with Twisted Fate or Fizz. And puts him on the board. I mean I don't wanna bring race into it...but he's a pretty cool looking black dude. And he's got such a dope name. #JaeMedardaMatters

Now, some throw away thoughts are "Mind Meld" should cost 1 less and be a Burst speed spell. "Nautilus" should cost 8 Mana. "Devourer of the Depths" should cost 7 mana. "Overgrown Snapvine" should be a 5/3. And Zevi should only make the copy of the card drawn fleeting.

I know these thoughts are too late to make it into the patch. But I definitely hope some of these cards were addressed in someway. However, what do think? Do you agree with my proposed changes, or do you have some changes you would like to see. Let us know in the comments below.

Patch 1.4 drops drops for Legends of Runeterra Wednesday, June 24th and promises to bring 20+ card balances and reworks, and all new game mode: Gauntlets, Rank Resets, as well as a change to how Master Rank works.


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