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Roadmap & New Region Revealed For Legends of Runeterra Future

If you're into sand, dunes, and Egyptian lore. Then hot damn does Legends of Runeterra have an expansion coming for you. Today, Friday 8th, Riot games unveiled there roadmap of what's to come for Legends of Runeterra. And it looks a little something like this.

In fact! It looks exactly like that. And in addition to a single champion themed release in February. (Which might I add would have been over the top if they just Beyonce'd that shit and dropped it on us with ZERO notice. The community would have crapped the bed!) However, you can see they got some serious expansion dropping coming through July. And the new region coming with this expansion? Shurima.

The story of Shurima goes as such as pulled stright from Riot's website:

Courtesy of Riot Games

Shurima looks to pull a lot of inspiration for Egyptian Mythology and I love it. According to the web what we'll see in March with the "Empires of the Ascended" release are champions like the Emperor Azir as well as the mercenary Sivir. And can I just say Azir looks dope AF. And one can assume that in June, with the Rise of the Underworlds well get champion Nasus. Which is the most Anubis looking mofo I've ever seen. Just really exciting stuff.

And of course we can expect new ways to play, new landmarks, new Keywords, and so much more. Anticipation is the best part of a card game. Both in playing them and waiting for new cards to be announced. And the anticipation levels for this expansion for me in particular are OVER 9000!!!

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