REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man #8 "From The Shadows To The Web"

The Amazing Spider-Man #8

Nick Spencer has been dominating his Spider-Man run. And that's quite shocking. Why might you ask? Well, there is a lot going on. So much so that I often wonder if I'm reading the same book. Mysterio and that whole fake Alien invasion thing. The attack of the Tri-Sentinels. King Pin and Boomerang Man or whatever his name is. The whole Kraven "reveal". (But lets be honest...we knew what was coming from that.) And then the Centipede man. Who is he in all of this and what's his plan? For someone like me, just returning to Spidey, I have no idea. So its a lot; and it really weird that it works. Each side story legitimately feel like small pieces to a much larger puzzle that will culminate with an attack on what seems to be the the main focus of the series. Mary Jane and Peter Parker's relationship. But fact is I'm rambling. Also a fact, this book adds another piece to the puzzle and its a juicy one. So lets talk about it.

I don't often do summaries, but this issue demands one. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #8 starts with the introduction of Odessa Drake and a secret society of thieves. Marvel's very own Thieves Guild. And they start stealing everything our Marvel heroes hold dear. Ghost Rider's car, Thor's hammer, Captain America's shield (out of mid air mind you), and Tony Stark's entire arsenal of Iron Man suits. Prompting him to give Pete a call and Act I of our heroes journey begins. This is just a wild ride. Those were just the names I could remember there's at least on or two more solid thefts that happened in this issue and it's right under the nose of our heroes.

Where Nick Spencer shines is that he continues to give us something to be in amazement about. Something that puts Spider-Man back at the center of the Marvel Universe. While not detracting from the individual story of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. For example, after discovering that his web-shooters are "missing" (stolen right off his wrist, no doubt), Black Cat swings in and saves him from a life threatening fall. Shortly after that we discover she has beef! And I'm not talking the kind that comes with broccoli. I'm talking the kind that has her swinging on Spidey like Babe Ruth in the last inning down by 1. And its yet another piece of the story that should overwhelm but doesn't. It just fits with near perfection and definitely leaves you hungry for more.

Amazing Spider-Man #8

What doesn't quite fit as well is Humberto Ramos. Who's art is great, but at times looks as if you're viewing it through a fun house mirror. Some characters look stiff, some poses unnatural. It's not the prettiest issue to look at which is unfortunate, because usually Spider-Man is a visual Spectacle. Hell Ramos drew the last two issues and those were fluid and fun to see. It's almost as if he got to this issue and lost steam. Which is a bit of a disappointment, however, the colors from Edgar Delgado really hold the visuals together, and makes the like work look better than they actually are in this issue.

Bottom line is this! Spencer is taking us on one hell of a ride. These last few issues of Amazing Spider-Man are clearly leading us to something major. And with this new arch we revisit a part of Spider-Man's story that was presented to us in the first issue of the Amazing Spider-Man; and that's the fact that the other heroes don't like him. That he's a last resort, but their only hope. If you're not reading Spider-Man, you should be. If you are, good job. I can't wait to see what Spencer has in store for us next month, my only hope is that Ramos can get it together and deliver on the level of quality I know he's capable of. Because issues 6 & 7 were fun to look at and his take on King Pin was something awesome.

Anyway, that's enough from us. Have you read The Amazing Spider-Man #8? What's you're review of it? Let us know in the comments section below. And don't forget to subscribe to the mailing list to stay up to date on the latest comic book reviews.


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