REVIEW: Teen Titans #21 "A Roundhouse To The Nukes!"

So when I heard Damian was starting his own Teen Titans I was sceptical! To me he's the worst Robin to ever grace the title. And as a character he's pretty bland. However, after reading Teen Titans Annual, and then getting to the end of Teen Titans 20, I must say. . .this little sh*t's got bite. Teen Titans 21 has out "heroes" facing a familiar Teen Titans foe by the name of Gizmo. Our tale is narrated by one of the newest members to the team and DCU, Roundhouse. He's a character that doesn't quite fit in, but desperately desires the approval of his peers. That being said let us do what we do here at the Unhinged studios and break this sucka down!


This book starts with our bottom of the barrel villain being surprised by our heroes. After a few little quips amongst the Titans to each other. Some generic fighting with Gizmo, a Robirang to the head renders Gizmo unconscious. And that's really where our story starts. Writer Adam Glass already gave us a sense about what each new member is about in issue 20, however, this issue does much to flesh out their personalities. And this is where Glass shines. The story as a whole... The "clear the building, defuse the bomb" etc, bull that comic books do is here, but it's done in a way that doesn't make that the center of attention. In fact it makes Roundhouse our point of observation while not overshadowing the others. It's pretty top notch work.


However, the writing can only get you so far. It's the art that carries a Comic the rest of the way, and Bernard Chang just couldn't carry us. He put us on his shoulders and made us feel like kids again. This book is a delight to look at! Kid Flash on his cell. Human snowballs. Giant Dragons. Hedge Mazes! It's just been stunning. Combined with Marcelo Maiolo's colors. this book is a great visual representation and embodiment of these new Teen Titans.


The best thing about it is that not only did issue 20 show us that Robin is hiding a huge secret from the team, but he might be ill equipped to lead them. Further proving he's no Batman. Also the Relationship between he, Kid Flash, and Red Arrow has done a great job of making them feel like more extreme versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. And I don't believe this was by accident. Another interesting character is Djinn. She's a "teen" that's a Genie, that's lived for thousands of years. She's the anomaly, because she has all the power in the world, but is afraid to use it because something is hunting her. Oh and to do certain things, she needs to be commanded. Honestly, much of her character reminds me of Raven and I'm not a fan. She's a fun character, however, I fear that her arch may lead so some Trigon like entity being attached to her existence. And that would really suck.

All and all, this is a great read. Gives you good insight to the characters, fun art to look at, and a just like issue 20, the last page of this issue will have you going WTF!?

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