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REVIEW: Spider-Man #4 "The Tale Of Two Peters..."

So in the case you've been living under a rock and sleeping on a bed of Spider-Man comics, allow me to get you up to speed. Spiderman has been separated into two halves. Or Peter has...really hard to say. Fact is at the end of issue 2 Peter was hit by the Isotope Genome Accelerator, the very same Accelerator that affected the spider that gave him his spidey powers. Well, this time around it took the Spider-Man out of the Peter and the Peter out of the Spider-Man. Fast forward, Peter has learned that it hasn't just split him from his superhero counterpart, but from genius as well. He's also learned that Spider-Man wasn't just separated from him, but from his sense of responsibility. Enter issue 4, and enter the major problems of the run so far.


The first problem is that there is a lot going on with no explanation yet. Like every issue has started with some hunters on safari being hunted or killed. Kraven? Maybe. Then you have the whole Peter & Mary Jane thing, which doesn't get much play issue to issue. Then at the end of this issue you have some C grade villain, talking to some unknown force, producing a crap ton of Tri-Sentinels. Like huh!? You also learn that a side effect of the split isn't just a loss of skills, memories, etc. It's death! However, it doesn't leave me at the edge of my seat like Nick Spencer would like it too. We all know Peter isn't going to die 5 or even 10 issues into his new launch. So to throw that out there just seems like a waste of time.


The issue is fun, seeing Spider-Man ride around on a spray painted Spider-Man masked Sentinel is the best. The dialogue throughout the issue is pretty hilarious on almost every level. Seeing Spider-Man do a promo for what could only be Slim Jim was chuckle worthy. That and seeing him act as a human uber was freaking great. Spencer definitely knows what he's doing. Just seems as though he's a little confused on where to take things or how to get it there.

Ryan Ottley on the other hand is killing it. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Marvel knows how to give you something to look at and Spider-Man has always been a spectacle. The artwork in this book is phenomenal. Every page makes you want to get to the next. That Spider riding a Tri-Sentinel to save the day is golden! Like, this book would be good in black and white, but the color Laura Martin adds makes the whole thing more than vibrant.


To say I'm not excited to see where all this goes would be a lie. However, I'm just not excited for this issue. Nothing in it made me jaw drop or curious. When Spider-Man shook Peter Parker's hand, I was blown away. When Peter first learned he's lost his smarts, I wanted to know what came next. Now, I'm just like "meh". Nothing in this issue did it for me. It's really hard to recommend, unless you're just trying to stay current.

Don't agree with our review? Let us know what you thought of Spider-Man #4 in the comments section below!

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