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REVIEW: Old Lady Harley #1 "To The Future And Beyond"

Old Lady Harley #1

So this day marked the release of Old Lady Harley #1. A strange and bizarre glimpse into the future of the DC universe...AGAIN! So what this means for us, is that though Old Lady Harley #1 is highly entertaining with a few laughs. A couple shocks. And a GREAT reference. It, unfortunately, isn't a deep or insightful issue past that. Old Lady Harley #1 is an entertaining read, but not one that can truly captivate to it's highest potential.

Condiment King

So this issue starts with Cat Grant doing multiple news reports at the same time in different location. A clone maybe? Who knows. It's never quite explained. And that's a common theme in this book. A lack of explanation. Which would be fine if it was done right, but the laughs aren't enough to bury my confusion. And that's part of the problem with writer, Frank Tieri. If you all read our review on Batman: The Devastator we thought he had the same problem there. Because though it was well written it left a lot of questions. The only hope here is that we find out more as the series goes on.

Now the parts of this book that are fun are VERY fun. Starting with Red Tool...who even by the name is very

clearly a Deadpool rip off. And that stands to serve up a few laughs it self, but even before that you get a subtle Condiment King reference, with him doing a commercial for a fast food joint. And it's pretty priceless. And only Tieri wold write about a gang on clowns with guns that shoot monsters. This book is absolutely nuts if you can look past the plot holes.

And speaking of clowns, this introduction of the gang leads to the first "oh snap" moment of this issue, when the leader of the gang introduced himself as Fleck. You know, as in Arthur Fleck. As in the Joker movie's Joker name. Yeah, that was pretty epic so hats off to Tieri. I don't know which came first, but I like it. And that's the thing about Tieri, he writes fun stories. And just like with The Devastator, he has an artist to back up his tone.

Inaki Miranda and he are clearly having a the time of their lives with this one. The art is fluid, and though there are some times that my eye wanders because the flow of the panels get a little too cluttered. Once your looking at something its all clean lines and bright colors despite it's post apocalyptic tone. Miranda's art helps create a new kind of apocalyptic vibe. One that isn't all slow and harsh. But fast and furious. He also uses the hell out of facial expressions. One's that really translate with what's happening on the page. And with Eva De La Cruz on colors. You get a great mix of bright and dark that helps set Harley Quinn aside from the rest of them.

Old Lady Harley #1

I will say this. I do wish that Tieri would have given us a more serious self reflecting Harley. A more conservatively dressed dark humored Harley. Because, at least so far it appears that age has done little more than give her wrinkles as she still acts like her present day iteration. So it's hard not to wish for a bit more depth out of the book. However, that big ending reveal was definitely enough to make me pick up issue two when it drops. Because seeing an army of machine Azrael patrolling the streets of future Gotham was great, but this ending Entrance was better.

Simply put! If you're a fan of this character, you have to pull this book. You probably already have. However, if you're new to the character or are thinking this book is going to be as deep as Old Man Logan or hell even Old Man Hawkeye. You're in for a disappointing shock and should just leave this book alone either way. Tieri lacks the depth to create such a story. However what you do get from this book is a Mad Max like wild ride to Gotham. And hopefully when we hit our final destination it'll all be worth it.

We would love to hear from you! Did you read Old Lady Harley #1? Let us know your review in the comment section below.


Jonathan Quamina is founder/writer/editor for Geek Unhinged. Follow him on Twitter

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