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REVIEW: Mister Miracle #9 "An Offered Easily Refused?"

You know, I was just discussing with an artist by the name Jeff Rider that once you decided to review comic books, it takes the joy out of reading. them. You sit you read, you look for flaw, to pick apart and you critique. Rider agreed, adding something to the affect that it's hard to get lost in the the world you're reading about if you're constantly ripping it to shreds. Well, this is NOT the case with Mister Miracle. This is as complex a superhero story one can get and though I feel Tom missed the mark with his depiction of Booster Gold, he's and absolute God when it comes to this series. It's enthralling, humorous, suspenseful, and so much more. In the case of Mister Miracle, it's hard not to be captivated and lost in the world that King and Gerads have created with this visually stunning masterpiece.


When we last saw Mister Miracle, it was all Batman kills babies. Remember that? Well this issue we find Scott on Apokolips trying to bring a peaceful end to the war. This is subsequently the beginning of the end of the series as there are a mere 3 issues left. And this one leaves you right at the edge of your seat hungry for more. However, more on that later. This whole issue is about a 7 day long negotiation between Mister Miracle aka Scott Free and Kalibak, the authority of Darkseid during these negotiations. Just saying that out loud sounds boring. Hell, it was boring to type. However, reading it. From King's mind, with Gerads vision. It's turned into a compelling story of give and take. Force and comprise. And it's done to the backdrop of Apokolips. the table lays upon the backs of slaves. Where there are pools of hell fire. Where the bathroom is nothing more than a pit to prisoners shackled beneath.


This imagery and this way of telling the story is so important to what's happening to Mister Miracle. Lest you forget, this is a man who started this journey with an attempted suicide. King's portrayal of the current state of our world is beyond stunning. And those of us who have experienced depression or anxiety in life can truly relate to Mister Miracle. Because this is a story, that at its core, is about feeling helpless to make a difference while everything around us gets fucked. The part with the Mirror of Goodness was particularly jarring. "On the outside you're beautiful; and of the inside you're mine." This is what Granny Goodness used to say to Scott and Barda as children. This was a woman who tortured and belittled them. Yet, they sit around and reminisce about her as if they were remember the "good times". This series is deep! And issue 9 is the curtain being drawn back.



Last thing I wanna talk on is Kalibak. King's take on this monster is just priceless and further shows you that he's using real life influence to make these characters relatable. Watching them sit at the table with a perplexed Mister Miracle as Kalibak puts on gold frame, pink lens, reading glasses was just hilarious. This is the kind of fun that King and Gerads has with such a serious subject that simply makes it a joy to read each month and I for one will be saddened when it's all over.


I've collected ever cover of each issue so far and I fully plan on getting the trade, the hardcover, and whatever other way DC and Tom decides to release this story in. It is the only true MUST READ comic of 2018 at the moment. Spiderman 800 was fun, what's happen with the Flash is interesting, Batman getting married sounds like "buy me" bait. However, Mister Miracle and the content within the parameters of the covers is pure gold. Sight beyond sight and if you've not read this run yet, it's never too late to pick it up at your local comic shop.

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