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REVIEW: Mister Miracle #10 "All Praise Scott @%#&#@ Free!"

Mister Miracle #10 Cover

So let's hit this review Book Report style. When we last saw Mister Miracle he was left with what we called "An Offer Easily Refused." What was that offer? Well, Scott could end the war with Apokolips, saving billions of lives, by giving up his only joy! His son. And honestly it's a dilemma that his father had to endure. However, if it meant satisfying "your" God and guaranteeing the lives and happiness of the ones who would call you Highfather, would you be willing to sacrifice not only your child, but your only child? What this issue really boils down to is your joy, your pride, your flesh and blood v.s. the sake of millions? What would you do?


Was that a bit dramatic of an intro? Probably, but I had to set the pace. I'm not just reviewing any old book here. This is Mister Miracle issue 10 by King and Gerads. Something that since issue 1 has failed to disappoint. The narration of this issue is simple. What is a king to do when the lives of his people are weighed against the lives of his blood. It's honestly a dilemma that I believe most of us have faced in what shape or another. The dilemma of "the bigger picture". Scott can't quite figure out what's more important to him and that says a lot considering we're talking about the man's only son here.


Big Barda

However, we've seen this whole thing unfold from Scotts perspective. From the moment he tried to escape life. However, Barda has also had to deal with a lot. Hell, she is the one that killed Granny Goodness. In fact, she has without a doubt been the unwavering constant of the story. So that said, she finally gets some major spotlight in this issue, and boy does it have it's dynamics. For the first time really, we see Big Barda's pain. In fact. That argument with Scott in the park was so honest, it felt real. Anyone in a relationship would be able to relate. Not only that, but it was so embude with emotion, you probably felt more intune with one side or another. This, I swear is King's superpower. By making Scott and Barda so relatable in such an outta this world situation, goes to show the skill that King has and the depths of which he's able to go to bring reality to the surface in such an unrealistic circumstance.

"...ALL GOLD."

The thing with King and Gerads i though, that never leave you all doom and gloom. There's always a little wiggle room to laugh. Like in the beginning when Scott was getting drunk with Booster Gold and (I assume) Blue Beetle. Classic! What made it better was the fact that Scott uses his Boom Tube as a lyft of sorts. Saying that it'll arrive in 3 minutes...then later saying: "wait, not it says four minutes." This was just all gold.

Mister Miracle #10


When you get to end and you find out what Scott's plan just know it's not going to end well. But it's one of those things that gets you chomping at the bits for issue 11. And it's pretty great! What King has done over these last two issues is put Scott, the new Highfather in the same situation his father was placed in. Peace or Family. The lives of many or the life of one. And though Scott finds it seemingly easy to rationalize the decision. Barda does not. You just cant f@ck with a mother's love.


So if it's not clear by now that you should be reading this clearly need glasses. And with only two issues left of Mister Miracle it will be very, very interesting to see what more can King and Gerads throw at us? Especially since the outcome of this will affect the rest of the DC Universe and there is already a lot of source wall, multiverse, shenanigans happening in Justice League. And there is still the little matter of Darkseid is. Either way King & Gerads are the best duo since PB&J!

Be sure to let us know what you thought about Mister Miracle Issue 10 in the comments below. Is it something that you're enjoying, or do you wish it were better?

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