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REVIEW (FINAL): Destiny 2: Forsaken "More Content Than You Can Shoot A Bow At"

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Dear Bungie,

How do I begin? Why do you have to fall so far and so horribly before you give us the game we should have gotten at launch. If we had to wait an extra year for Destiny 2 to be where Forsaken is, we would have gladly done so. It would have made the blow of the Annual pass non existent. Your game wouldn't have lost players and you wouldn't be playing catch up. Content, goals, achievements, things to do. That's all we ever wanted. That and fun. We wanted to have the time we invested into your game not just rewarded, but respected.

In closing...thank you. Thank you for not just listening to the community (again), but communicating with us as well. And if you do truly plan of doing something as silly as Destiny 3. Learn from what went wrong with Destiny 2. Don't get rid of the things we fought so hard for to "try something different or new". Incorporate if you must, but build on top of what is there. Don't destroy what was.

WELL! As you can guess by now Forsaken is hitting it out of the park. It's been about a year since the release of Destiny 2 and Forsaken is the third expansion of its life span. Let me start by saying that Destiny 2: Forsaken has a compelling and interesting story; and though it falls quite short at the very end. The journey was still worth taking. And even though I'm done with the quest, I find myself enthralled by side missions, Crucible, and most important, expansions of the lore and story of not just Forsaken, but of Destiny. I've also had more than my fair share of time with the new Game Mode, Gambit. And it's as fun today as it was when I first tried it that one pre-launch day. Strikes are more fun and challenging than they've ever been. And though, you can still burn through them with a bit of knowledge and a well equipped Fireteam. It still feels fresh and worth the grind. All that being said between Bounty's, Flashpoints, and collecting Materials in order to upgrade gear. There is so much to do in Forsaken it's insane. But in the words of Machine Gun Kelly...Let's talk about it.


Let's start with Crucible. Bungie has been proud of the idea of "breaking the game" and they have. Supers are OP, shotguns run a muck, and the maps are so small it's chaos. AND I LIKE IT! They didn't just break the sandbox, they shattered it and gave us the power a Guardian should have. Time to kill has been greatly reduced and Bungie has added more variations to play, including Rumble, though which is not exclusive to Forsaken, but is apart of the trickle down of changes that came with it's announcement. Hell, just recently Bungie added a new PVP competitive mode. It's a pretty exciting time to be a Destiny 2 Crucible fan. Still to this day, nothing has been more terrifying than seeing a Warlock blinking towards me as I try to mow them down with my Auto. Or nothing more frustrating that the "slide and shoot" shotgun special. Which speaking of, in case you missed the whole memo. You can carry three of. And I'm not talking types of slides!

It's like If you wanna really get nuts, you can run three whole damn shotguns! Now, no ones really doing this, but this whole implementation was done in a way to allow old and new Destiny 2 players to play in a way that they're used to. This however, has had a very noticeable effect on the way players play, because this level of freedom allows for much more variety on how we mix & match our loadout options. Bungie has even gone as far as to make it so that similar armor and weapons have unique aspects that work in unison with each other. This makes Destiny 2 feel mysterious again, and each drop is exciting right now as it could be that perfect roll, or bring you one light level closer to the max. Now these changes aren't exclusive to Crucible, but I feel as though Crucible benefits the most from it. Crucible still isn't perfect for reasons that exist that behind the scenes, but it's the closest to it that Destiny fans have seen since the launch of D1.


And speaking of amazing things that has happened for the franchise sine D1. I can't move on from PVP without touching on what has been easily my, NOW, favorite addition so far: Gambit. And Hot Damn is this the mode to play. A mix of PVP and PVE like I've never seen. So to pad this post with extra words, let me break down the premise, because HEY! You also might not know. SO, the goal is to kill guys and bank motes the fastest. I say the fastest because this mode pits you against another team, on a another but similar map. Every time you bank "x" amount of Motes you summon a wicked blocker on your opponent's side that prevents them from banking theirs. When you deposit enough motes the big boss, called a Primeval spawns. Beat that guy before your opposition and you win 1 of 3 matches. Best 2 out of 3 wins that Gambit. There comes a point when you hot a certain number of motes your team will be able to invade the opponents zone and basically assist the enemy by killing opponents. If this is done with the Primeval out, it helps them regain health. There is so much more to it than that too, but that's the basics.

Now, I do find that some issues are that unless you came to Gambit with your own team, people tend to get a little Mote hungry. So if you're trying to achieve the challenges, bring friends or you'll find yourself fighting with your team over motes. However, that has nothing to do with the design of the mode or how fun it is. With this little addition (and I use the word "little" lightly) Bungie has out done themselves on a massive scale. It proves they can still think outside the box and deliver epic content. Hell, even Taken King didn't have something this wicked! And Taken King introduced that whole Rift thing as well as The Court Of Oryx. Now those things were good. But this one is better. I feel like Gambit makes room to get rid of Trails and become something new all together.


However, Forsaken isn't all PVP. It's part PVE, and I can say without hesitation that the new enemy type is surprisingly more difficult that I thought. I truly thought the Scorn was just gonna be Fallen ripoffs. Much like the Taken or Hive were for their respective type. However, DAMN, was I wrong. From setting things on fire to Medium sized, electric power wielding monstrosities. The Scorn are very much their own. And actually deadly if you're not careful.

The Scorn come with their own set of unique Barons. You know them. The sorry S.O.Bs that killed Cayde. It's partially because of them you start down this dark path of vengeance and hate. Once you get to the quests to hunt them down, you get to adventure on missions that are unique to each of their traits. Example, you chase the Rider down in a pretty dope pike battle. Or when facing the Trickster, you come across landmines that look like heavy ammo pickups. Each adventure culminates in a wicked Baron battle featuring even more surprises. That all being said though, I found the Barons too easy to take down. Maybe, it's just me but I appreciate a good bullet sponge battle that really gets to utilizing those unique traits that each Baron introduces. And much like the final battle of Forsaken's main story. I found myself wanting more.


That being said, let's talk a little more about the story. Cayde's dead, Uldren did it, you hunt him down to get revenge. And again, the quest to getting to that end is a fun and intense ride. Full of awesome cinematics, great lore, and some of the finest script Destiny has ever offered us. However, and "Spoiler Alert" here, you get to the point where you say, it's me vs Uldren and Bungie robs us of that with some floating, mouth, medusa head thing. And I know that it's the set up for the Raid, but c'mon. You made me hate Uldren, you created this huge build up and then you snatch it away from us. What's worse is that you even stole our choice to let him live or die. And you did it in some Series finale of Sopranos type fade to black bullshit that doesn't even let us know if we or Petra pulled the trigger. It was just a massive Story disappointment.

And while we're on the topic of disappointments. Let's talk about another big one that didn't have to exist. Infusion! Why Bungie decided that it would require Masterwork Cores in order to infuse gear to higher power is BEYOND. Now I get that they want to slow you down and make you think about what you're doing, but this takes away from the value of Cores and working to Masterwork your gear. That being said, Gamespot has reported that Bungie has acknowledged this as error and has plans to fix it in the near future.

What I have done so far is plenty and almost overwhelming, but in the best possible way. And please keep in mind that I haven't done much since Gambit keeps me coming back for more. But, I haven't tried the new Crucible game mode. I haven't the dreaming city. I've clearly and definitely haven't done the raid yet...and so much more. But the thing is that for someone like me, who has limited time to play, that leaves me with a world of shit to do without ever getting bored. In fact every time I log into Destiny I'm excited again. I've clearly been playing way more than I've been writing this review and yet still haven't scratched the surface of what the game has to offer. And for the first time since the original roll out of Destiny one, I actually want to do it all. Like most recently I've stumbled across these lore Crystals that I've been been fun to spot now that I know that they exist. Forsaken has surprised me in all the best ways. The armor is dope, the weapons don't just look reskinned, the game feels re-worked and tuned to be polished. And THAT is what I expect for 99.99 which it the price I opted into. This is the Destiny 2 experience we wanted all along. However, good things come to those who wait and Forsaken is it!

However, do you agree with our thoughts so far? Let us know what you think of Destiny 2: Forsaken, out now, in the comments box down below. We'd love to hear from you. Also keep it Unhinged for all things Destiny 2: Forsaken related as we update and learn more secrets of the game.


Jonathan Quamina is founder/writer/editor for Geek Unhinged. Follow him on Twitter at @DarkseidRules and Instagram at @DarkseidRules

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