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REVIEW: Death Of Darkness #1 "How Many Lose Faith Because Heaven Shows Them Too Much?"

How many of us have picked up indie titles, from indie artist, just to be indie disappointed? The story wasn't strong enough. The art was too "abstract". The panels didn't flow. The content was too bland. Hell, most mainstream stories share this issue. (I'm looking at you New Challengers and Deadpool Assassin). Most titles these days in general carry a lack of flavor. Enter Death Of Darkness from a newer publisher labeled Fracture Comics. This was by far the best thing to come across at Powerhouse Comic-Con. Now I could give you the rundown about the Publisher and the two men who found it. However, all things in time. If you wanna get your fix of that information though. Check THIS out. I'm here to talk issue one of Death of Darkness and I only know how to keep it 100 proof. So let's get into it.


Before I do though, I want to say that I have the full rundown of the story. Therefore I have an idea of where it's going. Even there website keeps information on the title on the hush so I won't spoil the mystery, however, this issue does everything in its power to keep you wanting. The issue starts with death and destruction that turns out to be not quite what it seems. An entity called "One of the Damned" has his sights set on killing our protagonist and our protagonist has no idea why. This is where you get a sense for Christopher Adams' writing style. This is clearly a man who will show you the whole package before he wraps it up and gifts it to you. But that's not bad, because for me, it leaves me craving that point in the story all the while peaking my interest on how we get there.


The Dialogue between our Protagonist Seku and "The Damned" is auxilarating. When Seku starts talking about time and accomplishment it really sets the tone for who Seku is. And after talking with Adams very briefly, I get the sense that this character is very dear to his heart and Adams is using some of his self doubts and fears in setting the tone of this character. There's a particular funny piece of Dialogue later on in the issue where Seku and a friend are talking about how Seku's mom always flips him outta the house and he's asked "You think you'll ever be able to take out your mom?" To which one character in the background screams: "I Almost Did." What makes this moment so funny is that it's genuine and honest. Anyone reading that could easily hear one of their friends saying something like that. And that's a tone I hope the series continues to carry.


Now the story is great so far. It's definitely a first issue that gets you hooked. However, what drew me in (no pun intended) was the art. The thing about this series is that it's a Manga. And artist Ryo Kawkami nails it. From vibe to mood. He checks every box for me as far as a Manga goes. He knows how to make the issue flow even if there are some hiccups on where your eye should go next. Which is expected when you're guiding the eye in an unnatural way. The usage of negative space is spectacular. Shadows, dynamics, panels. All done well...and the reason why this matters is because this isn't your DC or Marvel title. This isn't even your average Image or Boom comic. This is Fracture Comics. Nobodies on the map of the industries. These are your literal underdogs knocking the sh*t outta the park.

I've tried to find something that doesn't quite work and I can honestly say I couldn't find it. And what little I did spy was just not worth mentioning. If you're looking for something new, refreshing, and fun. Look no further than Death of Darkness and Fracture Comics. This issue will definitely get you hooked for the other 4 which are out now on Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited. However, if you pick up or have picked up this title let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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