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REVIEW: Batman #52 "Keep The Gun."

Batman vs Bruce Wayne

Can I beat a dead horse for a second. A few in fact. What King did to this Batman arch the last few issues was nothing short of a mess. The horrible usage of Booster Gold. Practically making him a sociopath. That terrible 2 parter with the Joker...then the infamous wedding. All awful, just emphatically awful. King is a great writer, that pulls on your sense of identification with the work he's presenting. Something I felt was sincerely lacking in those last issues...enter Batman 52! What an appropriate number if you catch my drift. This issue has it all, and though issue 50 might have left us all wanting. Issue 52 shows that it left the Bats wanting as well.


So as I read more stories of Batman I realize it's not Batman I have issue with. Sure he'll never be in my top 10,

Cold Days Pt. 2

but the issue I have is Bruce Wayne. He's NEVER been relatable. I mean sure, I've been made to feel for him, but I've never once felt like him. Well, hand to God, this is the closest I've ever been. So hat's off to King. This issue not only showcases the brute force that is Batman, but the sheer wit that is Bruce Wayne. Throw in a little heartache and self doubt and you have what is an amazing tale of Bruce Wayne vs Batman.


And honestly could there be anything more simple than writing a heart broken Batman. King has easily established Bruce Wayne's present state of mind following his unexpected breakup with Selina Kyle and why he's losing his grip as Batman. Maybe even missing key details that lead him to blame Mr. Freeze for crimes he might not have committed. Perhaps, even going too far as to beat him into a sense of PTSD. It's simply genius. And surely there are simpler, more straightforward ways King could go. But this. After, what to me, was so much hap hazard gar-Badge! The fact that he's nailing this to wall so far with the series' first post-wedding storyline makes it that much more of an enjoyable read!


The narration happening here is gorgeous. Billionaire Bruce Wayne, standing up for the bad guy. Breaking down the what-if's of the trail and casting a shadow of reasonable doubt. However, there is so much more happening here. You have an underlying tale the "this is Gotham" with the Narration that "villains get what they deserve, and Gotham needs Batman". You have an emotional Bruce, seemingly using the jury as an opportunity to share his feelings and thoughts on being Batman, without ever saying that he's Batman. At least not yet? There's also the case of how Batman 50 ended. You know, with the secret Arkham meeting. Which I believe it for the reader. Can Mr. Freeze be trusted? Can the jury? Can Batman? It's one hell of a conundrum.


Mr. Freeze

But while Batman’s judgment might be a little sloppy, the artwork by Lee Weeks is not. The man is easily one of the best artists in the DC lineup — The way the panels flow, the use of shadows and angles. Weeks can shift seamlessly between an insane fight scene full of blood and passion between Batman and Mr. Freeze to quiet, dramatic, compacts ones of Bruce in the jury room. I mean seriously. Artist can only dream of having such a effortless flow and with colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser killing the game and helping to set the tone. (Pun intended). This issue legit has it all.


This might be one of the best uses of Mister Freeze to date. However only time will tell. That being said, this new story arc is living up to what I expect of Tom King. And I know I'm a nobody to expect anything from any published writer, however, with Mister Miracle being what it is, because of how it's written. I expect no less from this Batman run. And with "Cold Days" we truly get to explores Bruce Wayne's fragile emotional state made even more fragile from the breakup. And though Bruce didn't get to hang up the cape and cowl on a positive note...we might just see him hang it up yet. I would highly recommend one read this arch. It doesn't hurt that this issue looks gorgeous either!

Have you read Issue 52 of Batman? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!

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