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Progress Day Looking, As The Kids say, Poggers A.F!

Arcane is the hypest series on Netflix right now and maybe ever. At least until Cowboy Bepop drops. Let’s be real. And though Arcane currently sits at the number 8 spot in America. The rest of the world knows what’s up. With great movie, comes great responsibility. And Riot hasn’t disappointed. The promo for this movie has been next level and Riot Games has announced some of the deets on Progress Days, the next stage of the Riot X Arcane hype train.

In lore, Progress Days is a holiday that the town of Piltover celebrates. In game, the Progress Days event is a butt-load (actual unit of measurement, google it) of Arcane tie-ins across Riot's titles.

In Legends of Runeterra we’re geared (see what I did there) to see an entire permanent PvE game mode called the Path of Champions. This mode will include an Arcane-themed run featured around jinx and the others from the Netflix series. We’re also getting a new champo (not a typo, just unhinged talk) in Jayce. Information that had been accidentally leaked by a riot employee in a post that has since been edited to remove the info.

Riot really pulled out all the stops here. Announcing a crossover with Jinx in Fortnite (wish i played that game) and the PUBG Mobile collab. This is advertising done to the max!

Progress Days is going to be running across Riot's slate for the next month and we’re getting all the LoR deets in full tomorrow on their official YouTube channel and probably some patch notes.

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