Powerhouse Comic-Con Was A Hot Mess...Literally. (P.H.C.C. Review)

So off the heels of the San Francisco Comic Con, the team at Powerhouse was gracious enough to offer us a couple media passes which I was more than grateful for. If everything else sucked, it was at least a good reason to get a day off from my 9 to 5. However, from the moment I arrived at the Con I noticed a ton of areas they could improve upon. Then I spent some time there and noticed more and more ways they could improve for their next one. So that said, this is less of a review and more of a fix for the future, to make those events a much better experience overall.

Let first start by saying I appreciate what the Powerhouse Comic-Con group is doing here. They're selling affordable con tickets, with popular names attached, to/for the people who either can't afford or make the time for more bigger Cons. That being said, I understand that with little funding come limited availability. So I get making the best of what you got and doing what you can. However, sacrifice shouldn't immediately equate to the event suffering. So again, here are my ideas on how they can improve on 2019.

For one, maybe don't choose this location again. Alameda County Fairgrounds was just awful. The water in the bathrooms didn't work, which was probably fine considering it was e coli infested waters. I honestly washed my hands with bottled water after washing my hands with the provided tap water when it was running. In addition to this mess, it was hot as all hell which I know Powerhouse can't control, however, couple that heat in with the flies that were on site and you've got yourself one hell of an irritable situation. Hell Alameda itself would have been a better location. Or take a page from the other cons. Charge 10 dollars more and rent or a hotel space or something. It would help with environment and encourage people to stay longer. I left around 3 and saw more people coming into the event. However, with a 5 pm ending and the fact that more people were leaving than was coming was a clear indication that it wasn't exactly fun enough to maintain our attentions.

That being said. Hire ticket sellers that care? I dunno. I came up and asked for media passes and the guy just gave them to me. He didn't ask me who I was with until I asked him if he needed to know. He didn't asked me how many, just threw me 2 wrist bands and sent me on my way. He didn't even ask me for id. Now maybe that's a bigger issue than him, but it was alarming, solely for the reason that if people are getting more media passes than they need that they're scalping them or giving them away and that's costing the con. If I'm being honest I came solo, and gave my second band to a father and daughter duo. Maybe this isn't a big issue, but it seemed like one to me.

I think the last thing I would change is the location of the panels. PHCC had two locations for panels. However, it seemed like the minor panels got the better location while the major panels got the shit one. Now I know they probably made this choice based of off space and AC, however, this goes back into my better location suggestion. They brought out for example to the panel stage, the cast of the Aliens Franchise. And I get that they're B or even C list celebrities. But people came to see and hear them speak. Yet, it's kind of hard to hear, far less record them over the sound of Stormtroopers talking or the buzzing, hissing, and screaming participants of the "Escape Room". that the place mere feet away from the panel. It's utter disrespect and shows a clear lack of planning.

I want to see PHCC flourish. Again, I appreciate the passes. I got a few great pictures. I even got to hold an Anaconda, and that was freaking sweet. The vendors on deck had some great swag at some sick prices. However, Cons aren't supposed to be something you come to get a bargain. Which it seemed like so many participants did. Cons are an experience. And when you sully that experience with poor planning and sloppy execution it becomes a side show. I firmly believe that PHCC has the potential to be great. In order to so though, they need to cut less corners, do more research, and make better plans.

That being said, thank you to Powerhouse Comic Con. Again, I am grateful for the recognition and opportunity to check you all out. I look forward to seeing how you improve upon movement in 2019.