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The Terrifics 2 Cover

This must be the day that all comic books come from heaven because The Terrifics issue just that! Terrific!!! Where as Damage seems to continue to go down hill and I haven't read a Sideways issue yet. This seems to be the best of the New Age. But just how terrific is issue 2 of The Terrifics? Let's talk about it.

The Terrifics 2 IMG 1


So whereas issue 1 made you curious...issue 2 slaps you across the face with the answers. Like in a bedroom, if I hit you too hard the safeword is egg, kind of way. This issue picks up right after the last and it may as well be called the Origin of Phantom Girl a.k.a "Who the hell is Tom Strong." Yes he looks like Jason from the Power Rangers got older and started exploring space, but we just don't know yet. However, I digress. This issue is pretty much about who Linnya a.k.a Phantom Girl is and that's great. Because, in my world she would have always been Sue Storm, however, you find that, for now at least, she has a few things that makes her different. Like exploding touch...or something. Ivan Reis & Jeff Lemire do a great job at covering pretty much all the questions of the first issue all the while creating new ones in the second. Not to mention the dialogue is once again hilarious. And in a laugh out loud moment that I know Reis & Lemire didn't mean to be funny...I couldn't stop laughing when Linnya was telling her story about how her dad put her in a pod, but miscalculated some gravitational pull and ended up being swept from danger all the while launching his daughter into the rift. I mean talk about irony. You know he and his wife got a divorce after that. (LOL)

I say ALL that to say the ART is freaking phenomenal! Reis draws the first 15 pages while Jose Luis draws the last 5 and I can barely tell the difference. The panels are all well placed and lead the eyes well. They are clean and not to jumbled together. Each panel is free enough to make out all that is happening in it without being too cluttered. The colors are very complimentary of the tone of the issues and the lines of the art. Everything about issue 2 in done in balance.


First of all when they find out that they are bound by some attena they broke off. That was a defining

moment. Similarities be damned, that is how Reis & Lemire truly set this team apart from The Fantastic 4. That is an amazing risk to take, especially since it appears that they can't be separated from each other. So I definitely cannot wait to read more about that. However, outside of that...that 2 page splash page of that giant Galactus looking mofo they were in, as it was waking up. Was a GREAT visual! First of all what awesome work. Secondly Plastic Man is hilariously amazing!

So once again I have to skip the dark, because the only dark in the issue was the dark-verse they were in when they got sucked into that portal. If you are not keen to The Terrifics already. NOW is the time to jump on the bandwagon. Because this series is going places, and I for one am happy to be taking the ride.


The Terrifics 2 IMG 3

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