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Mister Miracle #4: We're All Bound By Something...(REVIEW)

FACT: Gerads & King might be one of the greatest duos in Comic Book history. It's no secret that I love this run. Despite my lack of a Mister Miracle # 3 review. I absolutely love what is happening in this series. However, I can only write so many reviews and frankly you all know how fucking epic this series is. The thing is though, this issue deserves a few words from me because there is so much done so right here that it's near perfect if not already there. The story as a whole has been out of this world...this issue however. Lightning in a fucking bottle. We already know it belongs on your pull list. That's a given, but lets talk about what makes this book so great!

The Light

This entire issue takes place inside of Mister Miracles apartment which one might think, "well that's gonna be boring". Hell if someone told me that issue 4 would be told all in one location, even I would have been like: "BORING!" However, the thing is, that's part of what makes the book so great. M.M is on trail for committing treason against High Father and New Genesis and he opts to have the trail in his apartment! With a veggie snack plate? Like c'mon, what better a place to do it. This book features 5 characters total. And one of them barely even counts. He's pretty much just an extra body. However, you have Barda, Highfather, Mister Miracle, and Lightray and you have a flawless story. What this issue does so well is truly get across the state of mind of Mister Miracle and his apparent depression. The tension between Orion (Highfather) and Mister Miracle could be cut with a knife. Even now just thinking about their back and forth, true or false session is making my heart race. It was for a lack of a better expression like reading a movie. The panel where Mister Miracle snaps and punches Orion in the face was pure golden. And since we're on the topic, lets talk

about those panels. Gerads has solidified his place as the 9 panel god because these are so perfect. You would think he'd have a hard time fitting so much detail into such small boxes but he does it with what appears to be little to no effort. He even uses the panels to create a single scene while still showcasing the distance felt between characters. It's truly something to behold. And the expressiveness of the characters yet again tell their own story. You can see that in the image above. The disdain, the contempt, the frustration, the sorrow. It's all there and beautifully done. This is the level of balance that all books should aspire to. That perfect balance of story and art. What continuously makes me ponder are the distorted panels. There's still something there that I can't quite place, but that makes me feel this might be all in Miracles head. Or maybe that's the trap. It's hard to say, however I can't wait for that 5th issue to drop.

The Dark:

C'mon, do you really expect ANY negative in this issue. This is a series that has gotten progressively better with every issue. The thing about this series and this issue is that it's tackling the real world issue of depression. Scott Free is a man who can escape any/and everything. Yet he's trapped in a life that he doesn't want. Abused as a child, a run-away, raised on Apocalypse. He's had it rough and this issue culminates all of that hurt in to 9 panels a page and it pulls on your heart strings. So there is no dark here. Just great writing complimented by flawless art.

The Unhinged:

The whole trial has it's moments of pure shock and reveal. However, learning what could be a fact about the Anti-Life equation and seeing Mister Miracle be unhinged and punch Highfather in the face was like whoa! And the raw emotion being displayed in all the characters. The rage from Mister Miracle, the shock from Highfather, the calm from Barda, the later fear from Highfather, etc. These were great moments captured in ink and led. Ending with one of the saddest moments in the series. Hats off to King and Gerads because they started this run with a plan. The plan to have this run go down in history as one the greatest ever told. And they're not just nailing it. They're drilling it to the damn wall.

The cold hard facts are this! If you're not following this series you are missing out on some of the best story every told. Beautiful art and excellent story is at the centerpiece of this New God mythical drama. You've got a man dealing with suicidal tendencies, straight up self loathing, and depression. It's a story that we can all relate to and when I did my first review of issue 1, I talked about how good DC is at making super humans human and this series continues to be no exception. It takes a man who can't be kept and shows us how powerless he is when it comes the trap of life. And that's just freaking awesome!!!

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