Microsoft's New Edge Browser With Chromium Is Everything You Didn't Realize You Wanted

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Remember Internet Explorer? Yea, me too. . .unfortunately. GOD was it awful. Remember when it became "Microsoft Edge"? The Microsoft redesign to a browser that no one cared about. Well, it grabbed a little attention but still wasn't anywhere near Safari, FireFox, and most importantly Chrome. And eventually it fell to the wayside. AGAIN! I mean lets face facts, Microsoft has had the WORST reputations when it comes to it's web browser and for good damn reason. Well, that is, until now. See, in a play to stay relevant and competitive in the browser market, Microsoft had remade Edge yet again. Except this time, it's been done in Chrome's image. And it's pretty fresh!

This time around Microsoft is using Chromium to build it's browser interface. So what that means for us is that since Chromium is an open-source web rendering engine. Developers like Microsoft can use it to create better browsers using their vision, but with Chromium's code. It's really genius when you think about it. Google gains more control over the web since the more developers that use Chromium the more of a hold Google gets on how the internet will develop. Meanwhile, Microsoft gains a familiar feeling browser that not only works. But works just as good, if not better than Chrome.

How is it better? Well performance just feels great. The new Microsoft Edge is easily one of the fastest browsers around. And it shows in use. However, those who have ran tests have proven that lag is almost not existent. And that was a big deal for me with the old version on Edge. Because it made for a hard time editing my website in wix. But now, I have zero issues.

And according to, in benchmark testing, the browser did the damn thing.

"It scores a total of 639 in this simulated testing. Put up against old Edge (313)Firefox (503) Chrome (671) and Opera (691), it’s right up there against the very fastest. The lead it has on

Firefox and the old Edge are particularly noticeable."

If that ain't a "LETS GOOOO!" moment then I don't know what is.

Edge is truly offering everything you need in a web browser. It doesn't devour RAM like its cousin Chrome and on top of that it's finally giving us apps and extensions. Yep! You heard right! With this Chromium based Edge, the browser is built to work with not only it's own group of extension, but with Chrome’s existing extensions as well. And that's a big damn deal. And when it comes to "apps", you can download them easily by hitting the site you want and installing said site as an app. Launching it easily from your task bar or desktop. Some of which can apparently be ran off-line according to Android Authority. It's truly impressive.

Chromium Edge Browser

And lastly what gives Edge the EDGE (HA!) Is that sweet, sweet interface. Coming from Chrome you feel like you never left. Dark-Mode, profile pics, "inspiration mode". It's all there for you. It gives you just enough familiarity, without feeling like a carbon copy. Everything just feels smooth. Looks minimal and flows. Menus are easier to understand than on previous Edge and you get that Chrome Browser like control. I do wish it allowed for you to upload your own image to "Inspiration" mode, but it's an easy thing to get over. And I'm sure that is something that can be added in a future update.

All and all, as an AVID fan of Chrome. I love this browser. You combine it's speed, ease of use, and beauty with the fact that it doesn't kill battery and swallow RAM like Pac-Man after he just ate a cherry and you have something truly magical. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. There is a lot that it can improve upon for certain, but the bottom line is Chromium based Edge is a contender. And the fact that it works with so many of Chrome's extensions definitely has it punching above it's weight class and hitting damn hard. And this article doesn't even detail all the awesome privacy features it offers. So is now a good time to give Microsoft Edge another try? Absolutely, because it can truly only get better from here.