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Marvel Snap Is The Debut Title From Second Dinner And It's Looking Quite Scrumptious!

Have you ever wanted two play a legit CCG featuring some of your favorite Marvel Heroes?! Well I freaking have and it looks like Marvel Snap is not only making that dream a reality, but could possibly be the next step in CCG evolution!

So WTF is Marvel Snap!? Spill the tea already! Marvel Snap is a new collectible card game that is supposed to be fast and simple with a high skill ceiling. The game boasts 3 minutes a match and that players take their turns same time so there should be absolutely 0 roping in this game which is something I tend to hate in other online CCGs. It's like just play or pass man! It's turn 1! What could you possibly be thinking about!? But I digress!

Snap is the premier debut of Second Dinner, a game studio actually founded by a team of ex-Hearthstone developers. They must have gotten tired of creating an RNG based pay to win game and decided Strategy, Skill, and the F2P model was the best direction to go! Haha. The team is lead by the man with voice, director Ben Brode. It also doesn't hurt that Second Dinner partnered with Marvel Entertainment and publisher Nuverse, which is owned by TikTok developer ByteDance. So you can expect a fully fleshed well thought out game. Especially since this game was reported in development for years now. So I can wait to get my hand on the UI and IG mechanics.

In game matches seem to be based around arranging cards under one of three "Locations" on the board in order to take control of them. Each Location has it's rules to what can or cannot be played there. Asmn some even have potential turn implications that dictate the flow of the game. It's pretty dope looking.

The player who takes control of two of the three Locations wins the match. From the sounds of it you rank up or down by gaining or losing cubes. And to create a poker style strategy you can "Snap" your opponent raising the amount of Cubes on the line. Forcing your opponent to match your raise or fold essentially. Which is just the chefs touch for me. Gives you a real feel of what you're gaining or losing in order to reach the highest rank!

Decks are constructed of only 12 unique cards, and at launch, there will be over 150 unique cards based on characters from across the Marvel multiverse. Look out Lang and Dr. Doom! Here I come! Cards in Marvel Snap bear resemblances to many others in the CCG Universe like Hearthstone and Magic Arena. Which is to be expected. I for one can't wait to get my hands on this game especially since the cards have this wicked 3D holographic effect that makes the game just look visually aesthetic.

As mentioned earlier, Marvel Snap is free-to-play and will be available on mobile and PC platforms, and starting today, we, yes ALL OF US! Can sign up for a limited closed beta on Android devices. So what are you waiting for!? Snap out of it and go sign up at!

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