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Martian Manhunter Is On The Way, But Don't Call It A Come Back!

Martian Manhunter

"No matter what you know about J’onn J’onnz, you’re not prepared for this! The acclaimed team of writer Steve Orlando and artist Riley Rossmo (BATMAN/ THE SHADOW, BATMAN: NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN) reteam for a reinvention of the Manhunter from Mars in this twisted, unexpected series. Back on Mars, J’onn was about as corrupt as a law officer can be, and when a reckoning comes for his entire society, he’ll get a second chance he doesn’t want or deserve! One shocking murder, and an unexpected fragment of the Mars he lost, will change his life—and the course of the Earth—forever!" - DC Comics

That's the synopsis for issue 1, due Dec. 5th, of Martian Manhunter on Martian Manhuter has been a long time favorite of mine for the mere fact that he played the role of a cop in human form and being that I wanted to be a detective once upon a time. His character resonated with me deeply. In a similar way that the Flash does. So when DC announced he was getting his own run. I greeted the news with skepticism. But since then more and more have come out about the run and I must admit. I'm loving the direction they claim to be going.

The Hollywood Reporter states that The Martian Manhunter is a 12-issue limited series from writer Steve Orlando and artist Riley Rossmo. And their passion and excitement to work with the character speaks volumes and sets the tone fore what we can expect. "I've been calling this my dream project online for more than a year." Orlando told The Hollywood Reporter. Orlando goes on to say that J'onnz a.k.a Martian Manhunter has been his favorite character sine he was a kid.

And honestly there is no better a writer to have on your comics. One that approaches the story with child like enthusiasm and an open mind. That's the start of limitless possibilities and the kind of stuff that could lead to a great series.

And this is a series that will be retelling the story of who the Manhunter is. We've already got bits and pieces of change to the character from Justice League. But this will be a major dive into those changes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this is a story that sees his Alter Ego "J'onzz attempt to solve a murder that may have deeper implications that even he realizes. Orlando states that it's an opportunity to paint the character in a way that has never been witnessed before.

Martian Manhunter #1

As for the art! It looks like it's going to be pretty freaking dope. I've only seen very little in sketch form, but it definitely looks like an adventure in art. He explains that to The Hollywood Reporter that "There are all these different aspects, and I really love the design challenge of that...what do the Green Martians look like, compared to the White Martians, how do they co-exist, even do they co-exist?" These are the type of creative freedoms they have. Questions they get to create answers to for a character that doesn't have too much definitive back story.

Orlando closes out his interview with The Hollywood Reporter by giving the impression that Martian Manhunter is a series about redemption. Which adding in what little we learn about him during the whole Totality debacle, he's most likely made some mistakes. Be it inadvertently or purposely but there may just be something laying in his past worth redeeming for. And I for one can't wait to find out what they is and how it not only ties into the murder he's trying to solve, but into the DC universe as a whole.

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