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Legendsof Runeterra's "YOINK" Mechanic Is A Beautiful Part Of The Game.

Before I get into these thoughts and opinions I want to give you some background on me. I was never a top 100 card player and I didn't win any awards. However, I was a card enthusiast. I started with Pokemon and then Yu-Gi-Oh dropped and I was all in. I dropped thousands of dollars to get cards and build decks.

From there I moved on to a game called Magi Nation Duel...and if you don't know what that game is. Then you've already lost any subsequent argument we could have about the topic at hand. However, I digress. During that time of playing and dominating that game I also learned of a game called VS system. Which was basically a Marvel vs DC card game that I dropped, hundreds on. And for that game. In the indie circuit. I was the very best. Like no one ever was.

I was one of the first to jump on the the PHYSICAL version of Hearthstone, when it was just World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game. Yeah. For those of you who didn't know. Such a thing did exist and it was glorious.

That led me to Magic: The Gathering. Yes, I was SUPER late to that party. But I had some competitive decks and played the comic book shop tournament circuit. Again, never pushing myself to take it to that next level. But I mention all of this to say: I know card games. I've dropped thousands of dollars playing them over the years and I understand what makes a good card game great. And what makes a bad card game terrible.

So where am I going with all this? Well here it is. THE "YOINK" MECHANIC IS NOT A BAD MECHANIC! And has existed in card games since their creation. And quite frankly I think you need to get over it.

Yu-Gi-Oh had Snatch Steal, Change of Heart, and Monster Reborn to name just a FEW! Magi Nation had a ton of them and actually had cards that gave you boosts when you took another player's card. VS System had a couple and the list can go on. So what makes this so different? Hell even Gwent has a similar mechanic. And Gwent is a pretty great CCG.

I can understand people's frustration. Don't get me wrong. It can be annoying when they have 2 Merchants on the board and then they pop 2 "Pilfered Goods". And Thor forbid you're also running Pilfered Goods and then they get yours too. And steal even more cards from you. But let me tell you this. I've haven't lost a game YET due to the fact that my opponent stole my cards and "ruined my strategy".

And I'm not saying I haven't lost and I'm definitely not saying I haven't lost to these kind of decks. But it's usually in part to my not playing well. It's never because they stole my one Vengeance and won the game with it. Only to have me cry and whine about it like a baby. I mean c'mon. Why isn't your deck built strong. Why is it dependent on 1 or 2 strategies? If your deck is truly competitive, then it should be able to compete.

And this just isn't blind Loyalty. These cards are well balanced. You're paying 2 mana for 2 cards. And that's assuming you got the plunder off. With the Merchant your paying 2 for a 2/2 follower that MAYBE you get to draw a card. And if you're opponent can't answer his presence, then cards you draw from your opponent cost 1 less. And if you're working hard to protect this card. Then you've spent the Mana to protect him. Giving you less moves that turn.

In Yu-Gi-Oh and Magi Nation all you had to do was drop a card down and boom. Although I do recall Magi Nation using mana. But my point here is that taking cards have always existed. And in the case of Yu-Gi-Oh there were so many ways to do this it would make your brain hurt.

My whole thing is this, (and I haven't even touched on "Sleight of Hand" or "Strong Arm" or

"Yordel Grifter" which all have a strong cost to play them and requirement to have them proc), it's a type of deck that pushes your opponent to play better or faster. When I build my decks. I build them knowing that my opponent might take cards. So I block, I try to prevent damage and I don't put cards in my deck that could "ruin" my whole strategy. I use cards that complement my play style.

If you're "losing to your own deck" then build a better deck. I will say this. Could they tweak a few things? Yes. Making the cards fleeting though, isn't the answer! That's just dumb! I gonna spend 2 Mana to draw 2 cards that I can't use immediately only to have them disappear? That's ducking fumb!

End of the day, I love this mechanic. Even when it's used against me. And it should be competitively viable because you're investing in the region. You're investing in the card. And you're investing in the Mana it takes to play it. So stop complaining. I personally think Deep shouldn't exist, but it is what it is. I take my Ls and I don't cry about it.

For people to say these cards that have thought, balance, and usage was a "mistake" is the highest degree of salt. These are the same people who say they love the game and only want it to be better. How, by changing the things that you lose to to make it easier for you to play? What about the person who took the time to build his deck that uses those cards. Now he must rethink his deck because you can't counter it? Sounds selfish to me.

So to the people over at Riot. If you're reading this. The game is great. The mechanics you have in place are great. Some people's weakness is "Yoink", some people's are "Elusive", mine for example is "Deep". Could the card use a little balance? Yes. Like I said before. Maybe change it from Burst speeds to fast. To give the opportunity to deny it. Maybe get rid of "Pilfered Goods" plunder effect. Raise the cost of the Merchant to 3. Have warning shot cost 1 mana so you don't get free Plunders. However, please don't remove the mechanic because of a few sore losers.

I know this is a hot topic, and there are a lot of people who hate and want the mechanic removed. But I'm curious, are there any people who disagree other than me and actually love the mechanic? Let me know in the comments below or hit us on Twitter for some healthy debate.

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