Legends of Runeterra, What's Next?

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Today I met with Riot Games and we talked about the future of Runeterra. And by "met with Riot Games" and "talked about the future of Runeterra"; I mean I sat and I watched the video they posted to YouTube about the future of Runeterra...There they announced new modes, upcoming cards release dates, and more. So recapping what they talked about would be silly. You can easily just watch the video that I will post below. What I will do is share my thoughts and opinions on the aforementioned comings. Because well...they said a lot without actually saying anything.



This game mode follows a single principle. Can you make it to 7 wins without losing? And this sounds like it could be fun...but it also sounds like it could be pretty boring. They also didn't clarify whether it's vs AI or Player. This makes all the difference. Because if it's you vs another in the race to 7 wins. DOPE! If it's vs AI, then nah. That ain't it. I've never met a computer in a card game that I couldn't beat. As I'm sure most of you haven't as well.

The first Gauntlet featuring standard deck building rules will begin on June 26 with Patch 1.4. With the second being added to the rotation at a later date, challenging players, as they stated to build a deck with only one copy of each card. Which again, great against player.


This mode DOES sound fun. This definitely sounds like something you and a buddy jumps in to cause maximum carnage. They talk about the action starting round 1. Which probably means starting with either Max mana or just more than usual. The focus with this mode is on having fun with quirky rule changes rather than a serious competition between rivals.

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This is just a cheeky little way to keep us coming back for more. If we weren't already glued to the best CCG on PC and Mobile right now. Events are stated to be special seasonal promotions that combine cosmetics, quests, and modes. Events will be themed and when active, will give players the opportunity to earn limited time rewards just for logging in or accomplishing a task or 3. They also plan to introduce an OPTIONAL battle pass that you can purchase with real money for a chance at extra rewards. I mean seriously. Just take my money. This format has worked well for the likes of Apex Legends and Fortnite and Riot says the theme of the first event is going to kick off sometime in July.


"Our goal is to release more cards, more frequently, creating back-to-back waves of new mechanics and champions," You heard em say it right. Because I know I did. August will see us August will see us gain new cards and a new region. With the process to repeat every two months as far as cards are concerned and ever 6 months for regions.

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I suspect that we will only get 1 or 2 new cards a release. Unless they plan on keeping champions the same throughout. Again, they've offered up a lot of information without giving us ANY information. So it's really hard to say what will be. And though I'm excited and fully suspect we'll see some of the cards that leaked. It's hard not to be a little frustrated not knowing the who, the what, and the how many.

In addition to all of this Riot plans on going in on a bunch of smaller updates throughout 2020. Including improvements to the deck builder that mobile desperately needs. And a much desired and requested spectator mode. Also in development is a tournaments mode that would vastly improve the way tournaments are currently ran. If you could image having a built in "Ban Deck" in game. It would just be...wow.

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So all and all the future of this game is looking good. I'm more concerned with the competitive scene than I am the glitz and glam. However, Events sound good and I'm dying for a spectator mode. I think it wouldn't hurt them to overhaul the chat system and challenge system so that it's better at letting you know when you have a message and/or challenger.

If you never listen to ANYTHING we've ever said. Hear this! Play Legends of Runeterra! Even if you're not a hardcore CCG player. I cannot recommend this game enough. This is a game you can just jump in and play! No booster packs, no dumb ass long tutorials. no play with the weakest cards through a series of matches against the AI to earn slightly better cards. You pretty much just jump in. Learn the basics, and start earning high tier cards at a ridiculous pace. WITHOUT having to spend a dime! You can check out our review for more information on the game as well as our thoughts on the Bilgewater Rising Tides expansion.

So, are you excited for the future of LoR and what are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments section below!